Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Precious Petals And Devils Incarnate

"Z" For Female Zombie Sounds About Right

The NZ Herald now unofficially opposes free speech.  It does not do so officially, of course, but to all intents and purposes it now must be slammed as an opponent of free speech--and, therefore, of basic freedoms like liberty of conscience.  

Columnist Rachel Stewart has resigned from the NZ Herald because they refused to run a column by Stewart.  The subject?  Massey University's decision to shut down a fringe feminist group from using Massey University's campus as a venue for a planned event. 

Here are the opening lines of Stewart's article which was rejected by the prejudiced NZ Herald:
It seems far-fetched that the mere hiring of a Massey University venue by a feminist organisation could cause so much indignation and rage, but these are not typical times.

A bunch of females getting together within a public space to discuss the issues currently affecting them is far from new, and very far from radical.

Yet, the idea that ‘Feminism 2020’ would dare to congregate at a venue on Massey’s Wellington campus saw a number of students stage a sit-in, which culminated in the handing over of a petition calling on the university to cancel the event.

What is so threatening about women coming together and talking? According to the protestors and petitioners, the organisers of the event – Speak Up for Women – are essentially devil incarnates.
Feminism is now being repeatedly re-defined as the "movement" splinters.
  Lacking credibility, some of the feminist factions have resorted to attempts to silence their feminist opponents.  The NZ Herald is now part of the silencing.  What this demonstrates is that some factions within feminism lack convictions and integrity.  They are cowardly insofar as they are wanting to shut down other (self-identified feminist) voices which take a different position from their own.

Of course we Christians oppose (in the sense of argument and dissent) every letter of the feminist alphabet.  But our opposition does not bear one scintilla of a desire to shut down any one of the feminist "letters".  Let full and free debate continue--and may the best man/woman/thing win.  Ah, but here lies the rub.  It seems that some of the alphabet "letters" are unable to argue cogently or convincingly.  Faced with this dilemma they want instead to rub out some of the letters in the feminist alphabet.  Apparently their feminist opponents need to be shut down, by force. 

So which of the LGBTQ letters shall it be?  Apparently the NZ Herald has a view--and wants to push it upon its readers. 

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