Thursday, 24 October 2019

NZ Politics

Such Incompetence and Weakness Rarely Seen

At the present moment the outlook for the NZ (Coalition) Government is none too bright.  Of course things can change.  But the overwhelming sense right now is that the Government is riddled with incompetence at the highest levels.  Usually what this reflects is divisions and the politics of the cabals.  

But don't take our word for it.  Here is one of the Left's cheerleaders,Michelle Duff delivering a thoroughly non-sanguine assessment.
In many ways, this Government has been both ineffective and hypocritical. The Kiwibuild scheme and demotion of Housing Minister Phil Twyford is one example of a clear and damaging policy failure.

The #MeToo scandal within the Labour Party has revealed what many of who work in the area of sexual violence already knew, but is no less crushing – misconduct is rife, and the minimising of it, protection of alleged perpetrators, and diminishing of women continues unabated, no matter the organisation and its stated ethos.

We can't, and may never, know whether Ardern knew of the true nature of the allegations. I would personally like to give her the benefit of the doubt and say I don't think she did, but the uncertainty is there. . . . 
What is pretty clear now is that Ardern is just a talking head.  She gives little to no evidence of command nor control.  She mouths pretty sentiments.  It appears she wants to be seen as the Mother of the nation.  Unfortunately, for everyone who is of voting age, the vast, vast majority of the electorate left their mothers a long, long time ago.
  What is left (no pun intended) is a government that has no cohesion, on the one hand, and is riven with personal agendas and attempts at self-aggrandisement, on the other.

If you sought one illustration of the miasma it would be Prime Minister Ardern in one corner and bully boy, Shane Jones in the other. Both are part of the NZ Government, but Ardern is supposed to be Jones's boss.  But Jones has repeatedly swatted her away--in public, without consequences.  This makes Ardern an irrelevance.  We cannot see her climbing out of the snake hole.  She may look for more "big" gigs on the "world stage" but the voting public has appears now seen this for what it is--desperate publicity stunts that are of little to no relevance to the average Kiwi, or to the nation as a whole. 

Spare a thought for the government which will eventually succeed the present mob. 

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