Monday, 21 October 2019

Charlatans and Shysters

The Year of  Delivery

OK, so in case this comes as a surprise, in New Zealand we have these folk called politicians.  The present political cabal which controls (via a majority) the NZ Parliament and NZ Government  are halfway through the current terms of political office. 

When they entered government and took control of the Parliament's "Treasury benches" they spent months and months making promises to the people about what they were going to accomplish.  Every day a new promise.  A fresh headline. 

Here is the score board thus far.

The promises made and the commitments sworn were substantially what persuaded a majority of the electorate to vote for the Labour Party.  But sadly it has turned out to be largely "funny money".  Falsehoods.  Deceptions. 

Meanwhile the charlatans tell each other what wonderful people they all are.  They are storied legends in their own small minds. 

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