Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Conversion Therapy

Begging the Question On a Grand Scale

There is a group of extremists purporting to go around New Zealand allegedly defending the rights of homosexuality and homosexuals.  These folk lie somewhere along the spectrum between lesbianism, on the one hand, and "+"--that is any sexual orientation which one might wish to tag on. 

Every so often someone along the spectrum will take to the hustings to demand freedom rights to practise their particular bent or orientation.  They also usually demand that the State exercise its power to punish anyone who represents contrary views.  One has to be consistent, don't you know. 

Here is an example of what we have in view:  a group somewhere along the spectrum, called the Conversion Therapy Action Group,  wants to see "conversion therapy" banned, and its exponents punished.  They are convinced that it is eeeevil.  They want a law passed to ensure no-one ever again would be subjected to such a grave great injustice.

Max Tweedie, a member of the advocacy group and organiser of one of the petitions, said religious freedom should prevent people of faith from persecution but should not allow them to discriminate against other groups.  "We do not permit someone's religious freedom to extend to stoning homosexuals to death. We cannot allow archaic religious practices to be prioritised over the rights and general wellbeing of our rainbow community," he said.

"The freedom of rainbow communities to live dignified lives with equal rights under the law has not yet been realised, and we have not achieved freedom from violence, harm and from abhorrent conversion therapies."  [Stuff]
But let's imagine, for a moment, that a person who has dwelt somewhere along the  homosexuality spectrum has been exposed to "Conversion Therapy" or what Mr Tweedie and his mates consider to be conversion therapy.  Let's also imagine that those who have been so exposed come to their senses, and, like the Apostle Paul, are thoroughly converted, and become true disciples of the Lord of glory.  Let's imagine still further that these people do not shut up about the journey they have been through and the radical change that has occurred through being converted from Unbelief to becoming faithful servants and converts to the Lord.  After all, there are plenty of such people around.  Some have written books about their conversion experience.  Still others urge friends and family to follow in their footsteps. 

But Mr Tweedie and his mates are very hard to please.  These Fifth Columnists, have done great harm and are guilty of abhorrent behaviour, they claim.  Yes, yes, yes.  But, Mr Tweedie, what you advocate for is likewise abhorrent to those who once believed as you do, but now see and experience a lifestyle that is holy, faithful, and true to the Saviour of the world.  But one of the great differences between them and you is that they now champion freedom, whilst you increasingly champion oppression.  They speak of notions such as "liberty of conscience" whilst you speak of "the higher rights" of your community. 

Your stridency has begun to elide into militant oppression.  If you cannot win over those who have been joyfully converted from "being somewhere on a rainbow" to being washed and cleansed from Unbelief, it seems you would rather they were all fined to an impecunious state, or tossed into prison. 

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