Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Worst Storm to Hit New Zealand---Evah!

The Irony Of It All

This past week has seen memorials and services marking the sinking of the Wahine fifty years ago.

Wikipedia provides a terse summary of what occurred:
TEV Wahine was a twin-screw, turbo-electric, roll-on/roll-off passenger and vehicle ferry of the Union Steamship Company of New Zealand. She was launched at the Fairfield Shipbuilding and Engineering Company in Govan, Scotland, in 1965 and worked the New Zealand inter-island route between Wellington and Lyttelton from 1966. On 10 April 1968, near the end of a typical northbound crossing to Wellington, she was caught in a fierce storm stirred by Tropical Cyclone Giselle. She foundered after running aground on Barrett Reef and capsized and sank in the shallow waters near Steeple Rock at the mouth of Wellington Harbour. Of the 734 people on board, 53 people died from drowning, exposure to the elements or from injuries sustained in the hurried evacuation and abandonment of the stricken vessel.
The storm that ripped through Wellington is described as "the worst recorded in New Zealand's history":

In the early morning of 10 April two violent storms merged over Wellington, creating a single extratropical cyclone that was the worst recorded in New Zealand's history. Cyclone Giselle was heading south after causing much damage in the north of the North Island. It hit Wellington at the same time as another storm that had driven up the West Coast of the South Island from Antarctica.  The winds in Wellington were the strongest ever recorded. At one point they reached 275 kilometres per hour (171 mph) and in one Wellington suburb alone ripped off the roofs of 98 houses. Three ambulances and a truck were blown onto their sides when they tried to go into the area to rescue injured people.
This deadly storm hit 50 years ago.  Yet the very same week of the Wahine storm half a century on, another storm hit not just Wellington, but most of the country.  Without a shred of shame or embarrassment a fraudulent narrative of "climate change" (aka "global warming") was spun by talking heads.  The recent storm was both an example and evidence of "climate change" we are being told.

Well, excuse us if we are the absolute dummies in the village, but such an asinine observation deserves to be laughed and mocked to irrelevance.

Regardless of how powerful and spectacular the recent storm has been, it was more than matched by the storm that took down the Wahine.  The very week in which the nation remembers the sinking of the Wahine fifty years ago due to the worst recorded storm in New Zealand history we happen to experience a severe storm.  And the fools with no memories tell us that this modern storm was evidence of "climate change" and "global warming".  In reality nothing has changed over fifty years when it comes to the climate.

When people in all seriousness cling to invented folk stories that draw upon fallacies and "evidence" that neither compels nor demands a verdict--yet believes that it portents the end of civilization--it is a startling example of superstition and mass hysteria.

The climate clearly has not changed. The Wahine disaster tells us that.  But the general ignorance certainly has.  It has grown exponentially.  We have become dumb and dumber.  "It's evolution, Jim--but not as we hoped it would be."

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