Monday, 16 April 2018

Time and Tide Waits For No Athlete

An Open Letter of Concession

Dear Vlad,

We have had our differences over the years, but from time to time there are matters and issues upon which we can find agreement.  One of those is doping in sports.  Now, to be candid, it is true that I have hitherto supported the general line that drugsenhanced sports performance is a form of cheating.

Therefore, in the interests of full disclosure, I must acknowledge that to this point I have strongly opposed Russia's widespread doping and chemical enhancement of its athletes.  Yes, I have supported the Olympic bans upon Russian athletes.  I have even gone so far as to agree with the banning of Maria Sharapova from world tennis. 

But, I have changed my views.  It seems now that doping is widespread throughout world sport and there is nothing that can be done to stop it.  Mankind's lust for glory on the sporting fields is just too strong, too overwhelming to withstand.  Human pride is one of the strongest traits of character in our fallen and benighted race.  Therefore, it is time to throw the towel in.

This is an issue in which history will record Russia, under your leadership, as being a truly enlightened nation, way ahead of the morally antiquated West.  You saw clearly, whereas we did not.  You perceived the arc of history more presciently than any other world leader, apart from minnows like North Korea's Kim Jong Un.  Credit, where credit is due, as my old dad used to say.

As you know, transgenderism, or gender-bending, is rife in the West.
  It's all to do with self-realization, where "self" is a fluid construct.  After all Facebook, that great prophet of the age, has pronounced that there are over fifty shades of gender identity to be found.  This provides a wonderful opportunity for Russia to dominate world sport in a way never before seen.

The West is fixated upon gender change.  Consequently an increasing number of athletic and sporting associations are celebrating males using drugs to transform into ersatz females.  They are publicly celebrates to the point of active encouragement to partake in their lust for sporting glory.  This presents Russia with a unique opportunity, which I urge you to take.  Of all nations, Russia has been the most scientifically advanced in drug enhancement tools and techniques for sporting success.  Russia is ahead of the curve, as it were.

Previously I have opposed--even vilified--Russia for this kind of behaviour.  But, now everyone is doing it--even celebrating it.  So, Russia has an opportunity to jump in boots and all.

Things are moving very rapidly in this area, as you will well know.  I think it is time for Russia to take the high ground.  Russia was (and remains) a leader in drug enhanced sports.  She was vilified.  Now she is being imitated.  Time to "go for gold" as they say.  There are absolutely no impediments whatsoever for Russian male athletes "transitioning" to females by chemical means and taking international sports competitions by storm.

But it will get even better and easier for you.  It has just been announced that men may enter the Boston Marathon and compete in the women's race, without examination, testing, or questions.
Boston Marathon officials have announced that men claiming to be transgender women, will be allowed to compete in the women’s category for this year’s race, reports say.  Organizers of the famed race, which started in 1967 for men only, told the media that they will now allow people to register in whatever category they “specify themselves to be,” according to ABC News.

“We take people at their word. We register people as they specify themselves to be,” said Tom Grilk, chief of the Boston Athletic Association. “Members of the LGBT community have had a lot to deal with over the years, and we’d rather not add to that burden.”  [Breitbart News]
It is only a matter of time before the "ask no questions" policy becomes general across all sports, as I expect you well know.  Artificial drug-induced performance enhancement will be the norm.  I concede the tide of history has ebbed away from me, but it will run strongly in your favour.  I concede that the hypocrisy of the West, in this matter, knows no bounds.

Not wanting to be a sore loser, I congratulate you on your far-sightedness.  May your androgynous athletes be vindicated on sports fields around the world.

Yours, etc.

John Tertullian

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