Thursday, 11 April 2019

Stranger Than Fiction

The Mouth of Shane 

We are all familiar with the hideous visage of The Mouth of Sauron. 

It seems as though New Zealand is afflicted with its own version of The Mouth.  It is probably about what we deserve since we are now inextricably bound up with Tolkien's masterpiece in so many ways. 

Shane Jones has become such a sinister buffoon that amongst the many names and titles he gives himself ought to be Chief Mouth.  Heather du Plessis-Allan has sent up the Mouth by summarising all the titles Shane Jones has taken to himself and all that he likes to call himself:

Matua Shane
Champion of the Regions
The Sonny Bill Williams of Politics
Prince of the Provinces

To this list can be added st least one more:

The First Citizen of Regional New Zealand

Put all these together and you end up with the title he most likes to call himself: The Mouth.

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