Tuesday, 16 April 2019


The Dark Animus of the Anti-Free Speech Mob

A fried posted an invite to sign a petition being promoted by the Free Speech Coalition.  This is one of those petitions which can be signed on-line.  We recommend the petition and encourage all who are like minded to sign. 


Hi friends, 

Justice Minister Andrew Little has confirmed the Government is fast-tracking a review of our speech laws, with an eye to broadening the types of speech that could be restricted as "hate speech".

It seems pretty clear in the current climate that these laws could be used to shut down Christians and prevent them from speaking what they believe. Already people are talking about unpopular opinion as speech that is hateful and shouldn't be allowed. The furore over Israel Folau quoting the Bible on a social media account is a taste of our future. Whatever we think of these two issues, it is a worrying trend that puts us on a trajectory toward a totalitarian state rather than a democracy.

While we may disagree with someone's speech, the minute we say speech should be banned, we are in danger of losing our own freedom to speak. We need strong laws to protect free speech. I want to alert you to the Free Speech Coalition, and the petition they are running at the moment.

Please sign the petition and pass it on to your friends and urge them to support the petition. 


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