Thursday, 18 April 2019

A Velvet Revolution

A Judicial Revolt Against the Law

Over at Kiwiblog, David Garrett has written a piece on the consistent dereliction of judges who have refused to subject themselves and their judgements to the law.  Their actions represent a velvet revolution, whereby the judiciary is claiming higher authority than Parliament and the law of the land.

The opening paragraph sets the scene:
Since  the Sentencing and Parole Reform Act came into force  in June 2010, the sentence of life in prison without possibility of parole (LWOP) for murder has been a sentence available to New Zealand judges. On 15 occasions since June 2010, LWOP was either applied for by the Crown, or was the mandated sentence under  the three strikes regime. In none of those 15 cases was LWOP actually  imposed. In short, the judges have simply refused to impose a sentence which  was intended by parliament in the majority of those cases to be virtually mandatory. . . 
 We encourage everyone to read the whole piece.  Then, we encourage you to get angry at the effrontery of judges illicitly evading the law.

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