Wednesday, 8 February 2017

We Stand With Vlad On This One

New Zealand's Hypocrisy Has a Nasty Smell

Imagine a situation where New Zealand took the view that orphan Maori children could be adopted only by Maori families.  Oh, that's right.  It pretty much has been the reality for over ten years.  No problems.  Sounds about right.

Now change the circumstance.  Imagine a foreign government stipulating that orphans adopted out of that country into New Zealand had to be placed with stable heterosexual families, with a normal mother and father, rather than a homosexual "couple" or trans-sexual social arrangement.  Nah.  No go.  Why?  What's going on?
Russia banned single Kiwis and same sex couples from adopting Russian children when New Zealand legalised gay marriage. Moscow is refusing to budge on the ban.  And it is insisting that Russian officials have a say in future care placements within New Zealand if the adoption doesn't work out.  The move is another heart-breaking disappointment to a handful of Kiwi families who have been waiting since 2006 for officials to break a diplomatic impasse.
We have no doubt the "diplomatic impasse" is New Zealand's fault.  We are acting in a grossly hypocritical manner.  Racist adoption restrictions appear hunky-dory-OK when it comes to Maori children.  But ethical strictures on adoption are not, when it comes to Russian orphans.

Here is a case when the Russian Federation is playing with a straight bat, whilst New Zealand is not.  We also would hazard a guess that were foreign global adoption agencies to stipulate that Islamic children being adopted into New Zealand had to be placed with Islamic families, the New Zealand government would trip over themselves in the rush to comply--just as they have with respect to Maori orphan children.
"We have tried our best for a number of years to form an adoption agreement with Russia, but unfortunately we've had to stop negotiations at this stage," Social development minister Anne Tolley told 1 NEWS.  "While I'm disappointed, it is important any agreement complies with New Zealand laws and international obligations. I am open to resuming negotiations should the existing terms change."
Mmm.  "International obligations" trump genuine love and compassion for the most needy children.  Children sacrificed upon the altar of New Zealand's state sponsored immorality.

New Zealand is acting the hypocrite, egregiously so.

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