Thursday, 2 February 2017

Embarrassing Exposure

Globalism Takes a Hit

One of the great idols of the age has come under attack.  The buzzy bees in the hive are angrily swarming.  It has somehow come to pass that the Commentariat and its attendant Chattering Class have come to believe something quite strange.  It is now received wisdom that when a democratic nation elects a leader, somehow that leader's primary obligation and responsibility, once elected, is not to the voting citizens, but to globalized humanity.  This is a recent, radical view, which fundamentally changes the concept of the nation state.  It also profoundly changes the principles and tenets of democracy.  It has become one of the great ideological heresies of the age.

This strange ideology has been brought into sharp relief with the election of Jehu II in the United States.  That country has been in a quandary--not unique to itself--in which its citizens have suffered violence, attack, and murder at the hands of foreign nationals engaging in jihad against the United States.  One would have thought it is a fundamental duty of a sovereign state to serve and protect its citizens.  Even a child would understand that it is the duty of the elected government to protect the people from such violent evils.

But something strange happened on the way to the forum.  Now it seems, our elites have adopted an entirely foreign notion: when someone is elected to lead a nation, immediately upon election his or her primary responsibility becomes to mankind in the abstract, not to the voting citizens nor to the nation state to which they belong.  They call this exotic names like globalism, or global citizenry, or humanitarianism, or progressivism.  This is one of the most radical ideological changes in the history of mankind--but it is a change which is not "of the people" or "by the people" or "for the people".  It is a radical change fomented by self-styled superior humans, intellectuals, enlightened folk--that is, by those who believe they are our betters and can assume the status of the gods.

Nowhere has this radical change been more clearly illustrated than in the United States.
 Recently departed was a president who clearly believed his primary responsibility was to Mankind and the Planet, rather than to the citizens of the nation.  He infamously stated that anyone who disagreed with him in this matter was a retard, clinging to guns and God.  So widespread has this internationalist sentiment become that President Obama was lustily cheered in every Western country, and the elected leaders of those countries saw themselves as representing the same supra-national beliefs and values.

Enter Donald Trump, or Jehu II as we have come to think of him, who was elected on a platform of some pretty simple propositions: America first, control of the borders, protecting the people from jihadi attacks.  All of these simple propositions caused outrage amongst the Commentariat and the Chattering Classes--our self-styled elites.  Yet, taken in the abstract, there is nothing offensive at all contained in them, provided you are sufficiently antiquated to still hold to the idea of  a nation state.

Looking from the "outside", as it were, of course the United States has the duty and responsibility to control its borders, to protect its people from jihadis, and to put the interests of the nation first.  If not, then it follows as night does the day, that the opposite must be true: the prime responsibility of our governors is to serve humanity, at the expense--if need be--of the interests of citizens.  This is the heart of the controversy now swirling through the West.

It is a great step forward that this matter has finally become one of contention, rather than grandly assuming that we all owe a higher calling to the abstract concept of "humanity".

We do not mean to imply that the needs of humanity are unimportant.  Rather, we argue that the needs of humanity in the abstract are beyond the responsibility and purview of any nation state, or collection of nation states.  Those interests belong to the universal King of all kings, Jesus Christ--and His body, the Church--and no nation state has any future trying to dethrone Him.

President Trump has done exactly what he said he would do: he would close the borders until refugees and immigrants were able to be thoroughly vetted.  This has caused a paroxysm of rage throughout the elites of the West, let alone the United States.  They are mad because of a very strange and radical  idea that has gained currency amongst them.  They want all governments to love humanity in the abstract, ahead of their own citizens.  

Wittingly or unwittingly, Jehu II has exposed them all.  As Warren Buffett once said, when the tide goes out, we find who has been swimming naked.  Or, to put it another way, by their outrage you shall know them.

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