Monday, 27 February 2017

The Apogee of Self-Deceit

Punched Drunk, and Slurred Speech

One of the moral depredations facing the West is self-deceit.  This perverse characteristic is manifest amongst elites, the Chattering Classes, the mass media, the Commentariat, universities and colleges, and so on.  The West is afflicted with a profound intellectual dishonesty.  

The pugilist ring in which this deceit is seen most clearly is the fight over the family.  In the left corner sits the protagonist for homosexual "marriage".  Lean, limbered up, at the peak of condition, and in the best fighting weight for decades, Mr or Mz Homosexual Marriage has defeated opponents in every pugilist ring in the country.  There is a spring of inevitable victory in the Champ's footsteps as s/he steps forth to engage in yet another triumphalist bout.  At last the great victory has been won.  Marriage, that holy institution ordained by Almighty God, is now extended to practitioners of homo-erotic sex.  Mighty Man has given God a lesson, an almighty thrashing, one may say.  

A thousand questions are suddenly begged--and not just begged.  They demand attention and answers.
 If homo-erotic couples can enter marriage, why not a man and his dog?  By what standard could such be resisted, gainsaid, or rejected?  Mighty Man has no answer to that challenge.  In fact, Mighty Man gets angry and intensely flustered at the mere hint of such a question being raised.  Behold the extent of his self-mocking deceit.

We invite our readers to consider carefully the following:
The very notion of "redefining" families is a thinly disguised argument for the proposition that the natural family is no better than any other human arrangement and is probably the worst of the lot.  Thus, practitioners of what ere once called "deviant" lifestyles want to pin the family label on relations between homosexuals less because they think there is little difference between homosexual and heterosexual relationships than because they want for homosexual couples whatever deference natural families normally receive.

Yet this desire cannot be fulfilled for logical as well as practical reasons.  If families are not natural and permanent unions of one man, one woman, and their children in addition to others related by blood and marriage, they are the products of infinitely variable choices.  And if that were the case, how could one deny the label family to sometime unions of one man with many women, of one woman with many men, of many men with many men?  Why deny it to any combination of bisexuals, pedophiles, and necrophiliacs or to practitioners of sex with other species or with one's own offspring?  [Angelo Codevilla, The Character of Nations: How Politics Makes and Breaks Prosperity, Family, and Civility (New York: Basic Books, 1997), p.156 f.  Emphasis, ours.]
In principle, the family is now a nothing throughout the West.  Codevilla was writing fifteen years or so before Western countries began recognising and celebrating the Great Victory of sexual pugilism, "Mr/Mz Homosexual Marriage".  Mighty Man has apparently won his greatest victory.  The extent of his autonomy over and against Almighty God is breathtaking.  Yet in his self-deceit, the Unbeliever still thinks he can retain a holy uniqueness for marriage and the human family.  He has, instead, become punch drunk, brain damaged.

Within a few short years, Mr/Mz Homosexual Marriage will be coming out of his/her corner with stumbling foot, unfocused eyes, and slurred speech.  He/she will be mumbling something about being The Greatest.  His/her self-deceit will be complete.  The once raucous, cheering crowd will be reduced to shocked silence.  Someone will moan, "What have we done?"

Christians will answer, "You sowed to the wind with ferocious glee.  Now, you have inherited the whirlwind.  Enter into the joys of your Master.  Or, repent in dust and ashes.  Either way, choose you, this day, whom you will serve.  But as for me, and my family--we will serve the Lord."

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