Saturday, 4 February 2017

Another Fundamental Human Right Is Discovered

The New Transnational Man

The brouhaha over US immigration policy changes has produced some interesting developments.  For some time now it has been touted about that visa free travel between nations is a tangible benefit of globalisation.  The promise of a united, nation-less human race seemed to be coming one step closer.  It was both boon and benefit.

Then, before you could say "Brer Rabbit"  visa free travel suddenly transformed into a fundamental human right.  You can tell that this mindshift has occurred because folk all around the world (we are told) are protesting passionately against the recent US immigration and visitor restrictions as a violation of fundamental human rights.  Why else would the dear folk of Swaziland be otherwise protesting a change in another country's immigration policy?  Why else would the Left in New Zealand be stamping its collective foot, demanding that the Prime Minister protest more vehemently and forthrightly?  How did such a fundamental mindset shift come about?

Back when Noah was a lad, were a nation peremptorily to tighten up its visa requirements, the standard form was for other (objecting) nations to make quiet diplomatic representations via the normal channels.  No longer.  Now it's "Man the Barricades" time.

We have recently travelled to a country which required a formal visa to be issued.
 We confess that it was an experience we had not had for some time.  It reminded us of the "good old days".  Yet with hand on heart we can attest that not for one moment did it occur to us that a breach of our human rights was taking place.  For just a moment, we confess to being troubled over our passivity in the matter.  Could it be that we lacked commitment to human dignity and fundamental rights?  Could it be that we were nurturing the attitude of a slave?  Nah, our conscience duly replied.  Is it not so that a sovereign, free, self-governing nation has a right to determine such things for themselves?

No longer it seems.  The expunging of the nation state from human history is unfolding before our eyes.  First Europe shows the world that its borders have no meaning, as millions pour across its "borders".  Progressive cheer the new reality.  We are confronted with the new borderless, nationless, internationalised Man, the citizen, not of Poland for goodness sake, but of the World.  There.  Take that.

But the reality of the New Society is also emerging.  It was an entirely predictable reality: the new borderless world has no soul to damn and no butt to kick.  To whom will the German people hold Angela Merkel accountable?  She is a citizen of Europe, not Germany.  Will Europe, then, hold her to account?  No, for Chancellor Merkel is really a citizen of the world.  Before global humanity she stoops to conquer. Her final and highest appeal it to the court of human nature, humanity itself, to the great, emerging, progressive utopia.  And so it runs.  Not that we wish to single out the self-styoled Swabian housewife.  She is a type of virtually every political leader in the European Union.  They exist only to lay down their office before the throne of internationalised humanity.

But we digress.  Back to the barricades in the US and London, and Swaziland.  We reiterate that visa-free travel between nations was once a privilege.  It is now, apparently, a fundamental human right.  Nations which demand visas are the latest manifestation of tyranny.

Do you hear the people sing,
Singing the songs of angry men?

Yes, we do.  As Shakespeare would have said, it's much ado about nothing.  Providence is definitely not on their side.

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