Monday, 11 July 2016

Theatre of the Absurd

Idleness is the Devil's Workshop

One of the strangest phenomena to emerge in our generation is the vast overreach of national governments to the point of believing they can police the whole world.  A pick pocket relieves a tourist of his wallet in Rio.  The British police issue a warrant for his arrest, and gets geared up to prosecute the perp, should they ever get their hands on him.  The British metropolitan police have become gendarmes of the world, for the world, and over the world.  

How have such bizarre beliefs and actions come about?  They are an expression of global Humanitarianism, an ideology which holds that all mankind are under the same law and accountable to it.  Alleged war criminals in Bosnia or Africa, once arrested, are hauled off to the Hague to be tried.  These overreaching claims of law and justice surely undermine the concept of sovereign nation states.  They also assert an implied doctrine, a suppressed premise--namely, that there is one law that governs all men, cultures, nations and to which all men are subject.

In a more Christian era, such a claim of universal law would have been instantly recognised as a reference to the law of Almighty God, the Ten Commandments.  But in our secular world, God has been replaced by Man, in semi-divinised form.  There is a universal law, and universal jurisprudence and it is the Law of Man.  The British police are servants apparently, not of the citizens of Great Britain, but of global Humanitarianism.  

Consequently it strikes us as bizarre that the British metropolitan police are summoning an Israeli politician for questioning on suspicion of war crimes.
 What on earth are British police doing poking their nose into Israel's business?  They are doing the business of the new totalitarianism: enforcing the universal, supra-national laws of Humanitarianism, that's what.

British Police Summon Former Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni Over ‘War Crimes’

By Deborah Danan
Breitbart London
TEL AVIV – Israel’s former Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni was summoned last week by British police for questioning on suspicion of war crimes committed during the IDF’s 2008 Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip, prompting the Zionist Union number two to slam the British legal system as “the theater of the absurd.”

Livni received diplomatic immunity following her receipt of the summons, according to Haaretz.  The Israeli embassy in London received a summons ahead of Livni’s arrival in the country for Haaretz‘s diplomatic conference asking her to appear of her own volition at Scotland Yard’s war crimes bureau.  During Israel’s three-week defensive war with the Hamas terrorist group, Livni served as foreign minister, deputy prime minister, and a member of the diplomatic-security cabinet of then-prime minister Ehud Olmert’s government.

Pro-Palestinian groups in the UK have made many attempts to charge Livni with war crimes, but last week’s police summons was unprecedented.  Speaking Sunday at the conference in London, Livni, who also served as justice minister and headed up peace talks with Palestinians, said the situation could not continue.

“The fact that Israeli decision-makers and army commanders are forced to participate in a ‘theater of the absurd’ when we come to London is something that is not acceptable,” she said. “It’s not a personal issue. It’s a moral issue and this is something that needs to be changed.”  She added that she was “proud of the decisions I made as a cabinet minister in the Israeli government.”

Zionist Union chief Isaac Herzog asked that British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond change the law that allows Israeli politicians to be questioned – especially in light of the wave of recent terror attacks against Israelis.  Herzog said that “attempting to question MK Tzipi Livni makes a mockery of the British government’s calls for unity in fighting radical Islamist terror, and legitimizes those that seek to murder children and terrorize society.”
Surely this would indeed be the "theatre of the absurd", were it not underpinned by the sinister Babelesque ideology of global Humanitarianism.   At the very least, the leadership of Scotland Yard, from the rank of senior sergeants upwards, deserve the imposition of a severe wage cut.  Clearly they do not have  enough to do in their mandate to prosecute crime in the United Kingdom.  Clearly they have time on their hands.  How many wasted man-hours have been expended upon the investigation of an Israeli politician?  As our parents used to say, idleness becomes the Devil's Workshop.  

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