Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Thatcher Redux?

Early Days And Easy Points

It's early days for Theresa May, the new British Prime Minister, but at times she appears to channel Margaret Thatcher. The following vid is an amusing riposte to the Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn.


The real question remains open and unanswered.  May is a reluctant Brexiteer.  The real risk is that she will lead and push Britain into the worst of all outcomes--independence from the EU, but with so many ties and obligations left in place that the UK will be as hamstrung as ever, a subject to EU suzerainty, with even less leverage than before.

The French PM has already thrown down a gauntlet: no free trade with the EU, without open borders for immigrants.  We have yet to see how much of an Iron Lady Theresa May turns out to be--and in particular, whether she has a real commitment to regaining British sovereignty, or whether she is a closet and committed internationalist.

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