Monday, 4 July 2016

Brexit Fallout


The establishment media have long been advocates for centralised, powerful governments.  They have been dismissive of the sovereignty of the people.  Rubes are unfit for such responsibility is the unspoken, yet powerful, belief.  An implicit corollary is that we, the educated, sophisticated elite are fit to rule.

But every so often the masks come off.  Here is one example, starring Christiane Amanpour, a doyenne of the elitist of the elite establishment journalists.  Brexit was a step too far for her, apparently.  She lost every shred of professional objectivity and tore into Daniel Hannan, a British Member of the European Parliament over his advocacy of leaving the EU. Her frothing, rational incoherence is a sight to behold.  As she proceeded, Hannan grew in stature, whilst Amanpour shrivelled, unmasked as a shill and little more.

This, from Dana at

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour Reminds Viewers Why MSM Is Correctly Viewed With Disdain

This is just stunning. During an “interview,” CNN advocacy journalist Christiane Amanpour can be seen attempting to shove her partisan narrative down the throat of Brexit Leave campaigner and conservative Member of the European Parliament Daniel Hannan in a heated exchange. Amanpour’s vigorous bias demonstrates in 9 short minutes precisely why the MSM is not to be trusted with providing objective reporting. Throughout the “interview,” Hannan remains composed in spite of Amanpour’s shameful mischaracterizion of his positions and insulting the British majority (52%) who voted in favor of leaving the EU. Further, Hannan admirably demonstrates how to effectively (and fiercely) push back when being smeared by a dishonest “journalist”.

(I was going to provide a blow-by-blow of the interview, but that would not do it justice. It must be watched in its instructive entirety.)

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