Tuesday, 19 July 2016

In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Racked With Malice and Envy

Consider the following news story:
An Idaho man dressed as a woman was arrested for allegedly taking video of a woman in the fitting room of an Idaho Falls Target store, police say.  Police arrested Sean Patrick Smith, 46, after a Target customer said she walked into the changing rooms and observed Smith using his cell phone to take images of a woman removing her clothing.

“The woman was begging for help as she chased the man out the door,” a witness told EastIdahoNews.com. “She kept saying she wanted those pictures deleted.”  Idaho Falls police reported that the suspect told them he “identifies” as a woman and would rather be addressed as “Shauna Patricia Smith.”  [Breitbart News]
Our reactions to this story--a story likely to be repeated over and over in various permutations and combinations--are several.  Firstly, we are angry that an innocent women was preyed upon and had her privacy violated.  She has suffered an egregious form of assault.  She deserves every care and consideration.

Our second reaction is to hope, for the sake of many future victims, that she gets sound legal advice, and funding to "sue the pants off" Target, figuratively speaking.

 Let's hope the settlement or punishment will be punitive.  Thirdly, we would advise all women to stay out of Target stores if they think they will be using changing facilities, either the bathrooms or clothing "tryout" spaces.

This crime was entirely predictable--and many have taken the time and trouble to warn people off Target.  Remember, this was the chain store that, in a blind fit of zealous commitment to the new social order, decided that it would make all its private areas (bathrooms, changing rooms) trans-gender friendly, and open to all who self-identify with the gender sign on the respective area.

Shauna Smith is a biological and genetically created male.  But, for whatever reason, he identifies--or he did at that particular moment--as female.  And his choice, according to trans-genderism and Target, is his sovereign human right.  As a human thinks, so he/she/it is, and thus "reality" rolls.  Therefore he was perfectly entitled, according to the ideology of trans-genderism, to be where he was, mixing it with "other" females in the changing area.

It has never ceased to impress us the degree of self-willed stupidity, self-inflicted myopia, and straightforward evil that emerge when a people set their hearts, against knowledge and natural law, to rebel against the Creator of the heavens and the earth.  There are few sins more high-handed than Target's.  Reality is what man wills it to  be--according to those sin-blighted fools.  The implicit arrogance of the claim is breathtaking.  It belongs to infinite Deity alone to wield the power of calling into existence out of nothing all that exists.  Target is attempting to arrogate that power to and for itself.  Target's lust for deification is compelling both in its arrogance and folly, and in its malice and hatred toward the human race as well as its Creator.

To Target, and all those following in its train, belongs the indictment of Paul:
For we ourselves were once foolish, disobedient, led astray, slaves to various passions and pleasures, passing our days in malice and envy, hated by others and hating one another.  [Titus 3:3.  Emphasis, ours]
Target, in its supreme arrogance and folly, has declared a self-righteous war upon the human race.  Racked with malice and envy, the particular enemy it has in its sights is women.
The suspect’s alleged actions are complicated by the store’s policy of allowing men who claim to be women to use the women’s facilities whenever they want. In April, Target announced it was formally inviting anyone to use any bathroom or changing area they want at any given time. A month later, Target CEO Brian Cornell defended the policy announcement despite a major boycott campaign, $5 billion in lost revenue, and wide criticism. 
It has sown to the wind.  It risks reaping the whirlwind of divine wrath.  Let all shareholders be warned.

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