Friday, 8 July 2016

Seventeen Million Ignored the Chattering Classes

More Brexit Fallout

An excellent piece from Kiwi-in-America on the Brexit vote and UK politics has been published in Kiwiblog.   

Some key points include:

[EU] regulations are binding on EU member states and their growth and proliferation in recent years sees 60% of the legislative load of the UK Parliament devoted to the implementation of EU  mandates.
 . . . the gradual abridgment of British sovereignty brought on by the growth in size and scope of the EU.

. . . despite the wall to wall clamouring of opinion leaders in politics, industry and entertainment and robust debates with claim and counterclaim, over 17 million people ignored the chattering classes who lectured and hectored, talked down to them and painted endless doomsday scenarios and voted with their hearts to leave.

Parties on the left have yet to learn that people who post on Twitter are not representative of, and are vastly outnumbered by, people not on Twitter who get out and vote.

When the ACTUAL (immigration) numbers for 2015 were revealed, it showed a true net in-migration flow of 333,000--more than triple the limit Cameron told voters he was striving for when he sought re-election in 2015.

Neither Cameron nor any prominent Remain campaigner could give any assurance that Britain could curtail immigration if they remained in the EU.

Whilst immigration was not the only reason for the Brexit vote, it was a potent symbol of the loss of sovereignty inherent in the EU project.

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