Thursday, 31 December 2015

Between Delusion and Reality . . .

Falls The Shadow

These days one can mount a reasonable argument that the nation-state is eroding, and may well disappear for the foreseeable future.

Islamic theology does not recognise the nation state, but thinks instead of a world-wide theocratic caliphate to which all men will be subject.  This world-view is aptly demonstrated by the evolution of the name of the latest caliphate:  ISIS ("the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria"), then ISIL ("the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) and the now preferred moniker--IS ("Islamic State")--thereby underscoring its universal global claims, not a state with territorial or national boundaries.

The same end goal is seen in the ideology operating within the corridors and confabulations of the UN. National identities are downgraded in favour of One United Nation ruling the entire world. Globalism.  It is a core component of UN ideology that nation states ought to be overtaken by global government, funded by taxes levied upon all human beings and all human activity on the planet.  Only a universal government will be effective in combating alleged global problems, such as a warming climate, disease, poverty, etc. etc. we are increasingly told.  The doctrine of internationalist statism espouses the belief that all human problems can ultimately be solved by global government.

This secular globalist ideology constantly undermines national governments in favour of international uber-government.
 Some leaders of national governments are working assiduously and reflexively to advance the ideology of political globalism at the expense of the interests of the people they lead.  President Obama is a prime example of the type.  During his presidency in particular, US political institutions have been consistently by-passed in favour of global internationalism--Congress, the Supreme Court, and everyone else be damned.  From a porous southern border right through to an imperial presidency determined to ignore the Constitution in favour of  internationalist expectation, Obama has pushed his version of the future.

The EC is a further Western experiment in globalism.  EC's modus operandi is to overlay the national laws of member states with the higher, more fundamental law of  the European Community.  The authority and sovereignty of the nation state wanes, the intra-national state waxes.  This governing ideology fits perfectly with the philosophy of secularist global rule, with all nation states being relegated to the status of provinces.

Another factor eroding the authority of nation states is mass migration.  Labour is now mobile and when it decides to move, millions can travel easily from one part of the world to another.  The Med becomes a small pond--and an easy objective when the destination  countries are operating under a globalist world view--as is the case in Europe.  The doctrines of secular humanitarianism require that loyalty and fealty to the incoming self-appointed migrant be preferred to the localised needs of any one nation state.

When the Western Roman Empire waned, Europe (the continent, not political entity) and Britain and Ireland were ravaged by marauding barbarian tribes from the east and the north.  National boundaries were non-existent.  Might made right.

As national sovereignty erodes and the nation state wanes, its hardly likely that we will enjoy peace breaking out.  The far more probable outcome will be ravaging, marauding hordes sweeping through towns and countryside taking what they want, when they want it--be it lives, slaves, or property.  In Europe they called living in such conditions the Dark Ages.  Only a fool would think it could not happen again.

As the sovereignty of nation states erode, look to North and Central Africa, the Middle East, and latterly recent European experience as our likely future.

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