Wednesday, 20 February 2019

The Church in Myanmar

Pastor Kidnapped by Buddhist forces

Reported Dead in Myanmar

Barnabas Fund
12 February 2019

[Myanmar is an Asian country which is increasingly riven by sectarian violence.  More often than not, Christians are bearing the brunt of the ethnic and violence.]

A pastor kidnapped at gunpoint by Buddhist militants in Myanmar (Burma) on 19 January is believed dead, according to regional reports, although Barnabas’ contacts in the region say that his body has not yet been found.

Pastor Tun was reportedly killed alongside several others held captive in Rakhine state by militants thought to be members of the “Arakan Army” (AA), an emerging ethnic Buddhist military force in conflict with the Myanmar Army.

Pastor Tun and his family [image credit: Gospel for Asia]

Pastor Tun was a spokesman for his village and his Christian missionary work made him a target. Witnesses describe the AA as “truly brutal” and concerns are mounting that more abductions of Christians are likely.

From Barnabas Fund contacts

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