Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Extreme Complexity Undermines Simplistic Just-So Story of Darwinism

Darwinism On The Brink

A list of more than 1000 scientists

The list below consists of scientists with at least a PhD. 

Their statement is relatively simple (and not aggressive, nor religious!) 

We are skeptical about the assertion that random mutations and natural selection are able to account for the complexity of life. A meticulous examination of Darwinian theory should be encouraged. 

The director of the Biologic Institute, biologist Douglas Ax, said: 
"Since no scientist can show how the Darwinist mechanism can produce the complexity of life, every scientist should be skeptical ... the fact that most do not admit it not show the unhealthy effect of peer pressure on scientific discourse "

A first list of 100 scientists, all PhDs, was published in 2001 in the New York Review of Books, to challenge the statements of the American TV series "Evolution" which stated that "virtually all scientists believed in the truth of this theory ". 

Today this list includes signatories of prestigious international institutions, such as the University of Cambridge, the Natural History Museum of London, the Moscow State University, the University of Hong Kong, the Institute of Human Palaeontology of France, Ben Gurion University in Israel, MIT, Smithsonian Institute, Yale and Princeton Universities - and even scientists from the Russian Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic,

Dr. Marcos Eberlin, founder of the Thomson Mass Spectrometry Laboratory, and a member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences said: 
"As a biochemist I became skeptical about Darwinism when I was confronted with the extreme complexity of the genetic code and its many intelligent strategies implemented to code, decode and protect its information. " 

List updated in February 2019

Philip Skell *Emeritus, Evan Pugh Prof. of Chemistry, Pennsylvania State UniversityMember of the National Academy of Sciences
Lyle H. Jensen *Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Biological Structure & Dept. of BiochemistryUniversity of Washington, AAAS Fellow
Lev BelusovTeacher. of Embryology, Honorary Prof., Moscow State UniversityMember, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences
Eugene BuffPh.D. GeneticsInstitute of Developmental Biology, Russian Academy of Sciences
Emil PalecekTeacher. of Molecular Biology, Masaryk University; Leading ScientistInst. of Biophysics, Academy of Sci., Czech Republic
K. Mosto OnuohaShell Professor of Geology & Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Univ. of NigeriaFellow, Nigerian Academy of Science
Ferenc JeszenszkyFormer Head of the Center of Research GroupsHungarian Academy of Sciences
MM NinanFormer PresidentHindustan Academy of Science, Bangalore University (India)
Denis FesenkoJunior Research Fellow, Engelhardt Institute of Molecular BiologyRussian Academy of Sciences (Russia)
Sergey I. VdovenkoSenior Research Assistant, Department of Fine Organic SynthesisInstitute of Bioorganic Chemistry and Petrochemistry Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences (Ukraine)
Henry SchaeferDirector, Center for Computational Quantum ChemistryUniversity of Georgia
Paul AshbyPh.D. ChemistryHarvard University
Israel HanukogluProfessor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology ChairmanThe College of Judea and Samaria (Israel)
Alan LintonEmeritus Professor of BacteriologyUniversity of Bristol (UK)
Dean KenyonEmeritus Professor of BiologySan Francisco State University
David W. ForslundPh.D. Astrophysics, Princeton UniversityFellow of American Physical Society
Robert W. BassPh.D. Mathematics (also: Rhodes Scholar; Post-Doc at Princeton)Johns Hopkins University
John HeyAssociate Clinical Prof. (also: Fellow, American Geriatrics Society)Dept. of Family Medicine, Univ. of Mississippi
Daniel W. HeinzePh.D. Geophysics (also: Post-Doc Fellow, Carnegie Inst. of Washington)Texas A&M University
Donald EwertPh.D. MicrobiologyUniversity of Georgia
Russell CarlsonEmeritus Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular BiologyUniversity of Georgia
David Chapman*Senior ScientistWoods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Giuseppe Sermonti*Professor of Genetics, Ret. (Editor, Rivista di Biologia/Biology Forum)University of Perugia (Italy)
Stanley SaltheEmeritus Professor Biological SciencesBrooklyn College of the City University of New York
Marcos N. EberlinProfessor, The State University of Campinas (Brazil)Member, Brazilian Academy of Science
Bernard d'Abrera*Visiting Scholar, Department of EntomologyBritish Museum (Natural History)
John C. WaltonProfessor of Reactive Chemistry (Ph.D. & D.Sc.)University of St. Andrews (UK)
FellowRoyal Society of Chemistry
FellowRoyal Society of Edinburgh
Mae-Wan HoPh.D. BiochemistryThe University of Hong Kong
Donald EwertPh.D. MicrobiologyUniversity of Georgia
Russell CarlsonProfessor of Biochemistry & Molecular BiologyUniversity of Georgia
Scott MinnichAssociate Professor of MicrobiologyUniversity of Idaho
Jeffrey SchwartzAssoc. Res. Psychiatrist, Dept. of Psychiatry & Biobehavioral SciencesUniversity of California, Los Angeles
Alexander F. PugachPh.D. AstrophysicsUkrainian Academy of Sciences (Ukraine)
Ralph SeelkeProfessor Emeritus, Molecular and Cellular BiologyUniversity of Wisconsin, Superior
Annika ParantainenPh.D. BiologyUniversity of Turku (Finland)
Fred SchroederPh.D. Marine GeologyColumbia University
David SnokeAssociate Professor of Physics & AstronomyUniversity of Pittsburgh
Frank TiplerProf. of Mathematical PhysicsTulane University
John A. Davison*Emeritus Associate Professor of BiologyUniversity of Vermont
James TourChao Professor of ChemistryRice University
Pablo YepesResearch Associate Professor of Physics & AstronomyRice University
David BolenderAssoc. Prof., Dept. of Cell Biology, Neurobiology & AnatomyMedical College of Wisconsin
Leo ZacharskiProfessor of MedicineDartmouth Medical School
Joel D. HetzerPh.D. StatisticsBaylor University
Michael BeheProfessor of Biological ScienceLehigh University
Michael AtchisonProfessor of BiochemistryUniversity of Pennsylvania, Vet School
Thomas G. GuilliamsPh.D. Molecular BiologyThe Medical College of Wisconsin
Arthur B. RobinsonProfessor of ChemistryOregon Institute of Science & Medicine
Joel AdamsProfessor of Computer ScienceCalvin College
Abraham S. FeigenbaumPh.D. Nutritional BiochemistryRutgers University
Yasuo YoshidaPh.D. PhysicsKyushu University (Japan)
Domingo AerdenProfessor of GeologyUniversidad de Granada (Spain)
Kevin FarmerAdjunct Assistant Professor (Ph.D. Scientific Methodology)University of Oklahoma
D.R. Eiras-StofellaDirector, Electron Microscopy Center (Ph.D. Molecular Biology)Parana Federal University (Brazil)
Neal AdrianPh.D. MicrobiologyUniversity of Oklahoma
Kerry N. JonesProfessor of Mathematical SciencesBall State University
Ge WangProfessor of Radiology & Biomedical EngineeringUniversity of Iowa
Moorad AlexanianProfessor of PhysicsUniversity of North Carolina, Wilmington
Richard SpencerProfessor (Ph.D. Stanford)University of California, Davis, Solid-State Circuits Research Laboratory
Mark KrejchiPh.D. Polymer Science & Engineering (Post-docs, Stanford & Caltech)University of Massachusetts
Braxton AlfredEmeritus Professor, AnthropologyUniversity of British Columbia (Canada)
R. Craig HendersonAssociate Professor, Dept. of Civil & Environmental EngineeringTennessee Tech University
Michael J. KavayaSenior ScientistNASA Langley Research Center
Wesley AllenProfessor of Computational Quantum ChemistryUniversity of Georgia
James Pierre HauckProfessor of Physics & AstronomyUniversity of San Diego
Olen R. BrownFormer Professor of Molecular Microbiology & ImmunologyUniversity of Missouri, Columbia
Eshan DiasPh.D. Chemical EngineeringKing’s College, Cambridge University (UK)
Joseph AtkinsonPh.D. Organic ChemistryMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Dennis Dean RathmanStaff ScientistMIT Lincoln Laboratory
Richard AustinAssoc. Prof. & Chair, Biology & Natural SciencesPiedmont College
Richard AndersonAssistant Professor of Environmental Science and PolicyDuke University
Raymond C. MjolsnessPh.D. PhysicsPrinceton University
John BaumgardnerPh.D. Geophysics & Space PhysicsUniversity of California, Los Angeles
Glenn R. JohnsonAdjunct Professor of MedicineUniversity of North Dakota School of Medicine
George BennettAssociate Professor of ChemistryMillikin University
Robert L. WatersLecturer, College of ComputingGeorgia Institute of Technology
David BerlinskiPh.D. PhilosophyPrinceton University
James Robert DickensPh.D. Mechanical EngineeringTexas A&M University
Phillip BishopProfessor of KinesiologyUniversity of Alabama
Jeffrey M. JonesProfessor Emeritus in Medicine (Ph.D. Microbiology and M.D.)University of Wisconsin-Madison
Donald R. MullPh.D. PhysiologyUniversity of Pittsburgh
John BloomPh.D. PhysicsCornell University
William DembskiPh.D. MathematicsUniversity of Chicago
Ben J. StuartPh.D. Chemical & Biochemical EngineeringRutgers University
Raymond BohlinPh.D. Molecular & Cell BiologyUniversity of Texas, Dallas
Christa R. KovalPh.D. ChemistryUniversity of Colorado at Boulder
John BordelonPh.D. Electrical EngineeringGeorgia Institute of Technology
David Richard CartaPh.D. Bio-EngineeringUniversity of California, San Diego
Lydia G. ThebeauPh.D. Cell & Molecular BiologySaint Louis University
David BossardPh. D. MathematicsDartmouth College
Robert W. KelleyPh.D. EntomologyClemson University
David BourellProfessor Mechanical EngineeringUniversity of Texas, Austin
Carlos M. MurilloProfessor of Medicine (Neurosurgery)Autonomous University of Guadalajara (Mexico)
Walter BradleyDistinguished Professor of EngineeringBaylor University
Sami PalonenPh.D. Analytical ChemistryUniversity of Helsinki (Finland)
John BrejdaPh.D. AgronomyUniversity of Nebraska, Lincoln
Bradley R. JohnsonPh.D. Materials ScienceUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Rudolf BritsPh.D. Nuclear ChemistryUniversity of Stellenbosch (South Africa)
Gary KastelloPh.D. BiologyUniversity of Wisonsin-Milwaukee
Karen RispinAssistant Professor of BiologyLeTourneau University
Frederick BrooksKenan Professor of Computer ScienceUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Omer Faruk NoyanAssistant Professor (Ph.D. Paleontology)Celal Bayar University (Turkey)
Neil BroomAssociate Professor, Chemical & Materials EngineeringUniversity of Auckland (New Zealand)
Malcolm D. ChisholmPh.D. Insect Ecology (M.A. Zoology, Oxford University)University of Bristol (UK)
John BrownResearch MeteorologistNational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Joseph A. KunickiAssociate Professor of MathematicsThe University of Findlay
John BrumbaughEmeritus Professor of Biological SciencesUniversity of Nebraska, Lincoln
Thomas M. StackhousePh.D. BiochemistryUniversity of California, Davis
Nancy BrysonAssociate Professor of ChemistryMississippi University for Women
Walter L. StarkeyProfessor Emeritus of Mechanical EngineeringThe Ohio State University
Donald CalbreathProfessor, Department of ChemistryWhitworth College
Maciej GiertychFull Professor, Institute of DendrologyPolish Academy of Sciences
Pingnan ShiPh.D. Electrical Engineering (Artificial Neural Networks)University of British Columbia (Canada)
John B. CannonPh.D. Organic ChemistryPrinceton University
John L. BurbaPh.D. Physical ChemistryBaylor University
Stephen J. CheesmaPh.D. GeophysicsUniversity of Toronto
Mike ForwardPh.D. Applied Mathematics (Chaos Theory)Imperial College University of London (UK)
Lowell D. WhiteIndustrial Hygiene Specialist (Ph.D. EpidemiologyUniversity of New Mexico
Brian LandrumAssociate Professor of Mechanical & Aerospace EngineeringUniversity of Alabama Huntsville
David ChambersPhysicistLawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Michael T. GoodricProfessor of Computer ScienceUniversity of California Irvine
Timothy E. McDevittPh.D Mechanical EngineeringPennsylvania State University
Arlen R. SeversonProfessor of Anatomy and Cell BiologyUniversity of Minnesota Medical School Duluth
Winston EwertPh.D Electrical and Computer EngineeringBaylor University
Mohamed Mahmoud ShohayebProfessor of Microbiology and Molecular BiologyTanta University
Young ChangProfessor of Mechanical Engineering TechnologyOklahoma State University
Alan K. WalkerPh.D Plant Breeding and CytogeneticsIowa State University
Jurgis ŠubaPh.D in Biology, ZoologyUniversity of Latvia
Gerald R. ChesterPh.D PhysicsUniversity of Texax Austin
Abdul Hadi AldmairiPh.D Organic SynthesisCardiff University
Eungchun ChoPh.D MathematicsRutgers University
Paul Madtes Jr.Professor and Chair of BiologyMount Vernon Nazarene University
Curtis M. BeechanPh.D Organic ChemistryStanford University
Ola HössjerProfessor of Mathematical StatisticsStockholm University
David RoddaPh.D Quantitative GeneticsUniversity of Guelph (Canada)
Ivan E.B. SaraivaAssistant Professor of MedicineUniversity of Kentucky
Nicholas J. FullerPh.D MicrobiologyUniversity of Warwick
Umberto CerrutiProfessor of Computational AlgebraUniversity of Turin
T. Timothy ChenPh.D. StatisticsUniversity of Chicago
Sarah M. WilliamsPh.D. Environmental Engineering (emphasis in microbiology)Stanford University
Donald ClarkPh.D. Physical BiochemistryLouisiana State University
John Frederick ZinoPh.D. Nuclear EngineeringGeorgia Institute of Technology
Shing-Yan ChiuProfessor of PhysiologyUniversity of Wisconsin Madison
Todd A. AndersonPh.D. Computer ScienceUniversity of Kentucky
John CimbalaProfessor of Mechanical EngineeringPennsylvania State University
Chris SwansonTutor (Ph.D. Physics University of Oregon)Gutenberg College
Kieran ClementsAssistant Professor Natural SciencesToccoa Falls College
John K. HerdklotzPh.D. Physical ChemistryRice University
Jan ChathamPh.D. NeurophysiologyUniversity of North Texas
George A. GatesEmeritus Emeritus Professor of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck SurgeryUniversity of Washington
John CogdellProfessor of Electrical & Computer EngineeringUniversity of Texas Austin
David R. BeaucagePh.D. MathematicsState University of New York at Stony Brook
Leon CombsProfessor & Chair Chemistry & BiochemistryKennesaw State University
Laraba P. KendigPh.D. Materials Science & EngineeringUniversity of Michigan
Nicholas ComninellisAssociate Professor of Community and Family MedicineUniversity of Missouri-Kansas City
William J. ArionEmeritusProfessor of BiochemistryCornell University
Stephen CrouseProfessor of KinesiologyTexas A&M University
Cham DallasProfessor Pharmaceutics & Biomedical ScienceUniversity of Georgia
Charles N. VerheydenProfessor of SurgeryTexas A&M College of Medicine
Melody DavisPh.D. ChemistryPrinceton University
Thomas DeahlPh.D. Radiation BiologyThe University of Iowa
Shun Yan CheungAssociate Professor of Computer ScienceEmory University
Robert DeHaanPh.D. Human DevelopmentUniversity of Chicago
Gage BlackstoneDoctor of Veterinary MedicineTexas A&M University
Harold DelaneyProfessor of PsychologyUniversity of New Mexico
Jonathan C. BoomgaardenPh.D. Mechanical EngineeringUniversity of Wisconsin
Greg TatePh.D. Plant PathologyUniversity of California Davis
William BordeauxChair - Department of Natural & Mathematical ScienceHuntington College
Michael DelpProfessor of PhysiologyTexas A&M University
Keith F. ConnerPh.D. Electrical EngineeringClemson University
David DeWittChair - Department of Biology & ChemistryLiberty University
Aaron J. MillerPh.D. PhysicsStanford University
Gary DiltsPh.D. Mathematical PhysicsUniversity of Colorado
Gerald ChubbAssociate Professor of AviationOhio State University
Robert DiSilvestroPh.D. BiochemistryTexas A & M University
Daniel DixAssociate Professor of MathematicsUniversity of South Carolina
Allison DobsonAssistant Professor ChemistryGeorgia Southern University
David PrenticeProfessor Department of Life SciencesIndiana State University
Kenneth DormerPh.D. Biology & PhysiologyUniversity of California Los Angeles
Ernest PrabhakarPh.D. Experimental Particle PhysicsCalifornia Institute of Technology
John DoughtyPh.D. Aerospace & Mechanical EngineeringUniversity of Arizona
Jeanne DriskoClinical Assistant Professor of Alternative MedicineUniversity of Kansas School of Medicine
Robert EckelProfessor of Medicine Physiology & BiophysicsUniversity of Colorado Health Sciences Center
Seth EdwardsAssociate Professor of GeologyUniversity of Texas El Paso
Eduard F. SchmitterPh.D. AstronomyUniversity of Wisconsin
Lee EimersProfessor of Physics & MathematicsCedarville University
William J. HeddenPh.D. GeologyMissouri University of Science & Technology
Daniel ElyProfessor BiologyUniversity of Akron
Pattle PunProfessor of BiologyWheaton College
Thomas EnglishAdjunct Professor of Physics & EngineeringPalomar College
Rosalind PicardSc.D. Electrical Engineering & Computer ScienceMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Danielle DalafaveAssociate Professor of PhysicsThe College of New Jersey
Richard ErdlacPh.D. Structural GeologyUniversity of Texas (Austin)
Michael C. ReynoldsAssistant Professor of Mechanical EngineeringUniversity of Arkansas-Fort Smith
Bruce EvansPh.D. NeurobiologyEmory University
Gary AchtemeierPh.D. MeteorologyFlorida State University
William EversonPh.D. Human PhysiologyPenn State College of Medicine
Susan L.M. HuckPh.D. Geology/GeographyClark University
James FlorenceAssociate Professor Department of Public HealthEast Tennessee State University
Douglas R. BuckPh.D. Nutrition and Food SciencesUtah State University
FellowAmerican College of Nutrition
Margaret FlowersProfessor of BiologyWells College
Étienne WindischPh.D. EngineeringMcGill University (Canada)
Mark FosterPh.D. Chemical EngineeringUniversity of Minnesota
Suzanne Sawyer VincentPh.D. Physiology & BiophysicsUniversity of Washington
Clarence FoucheProfessor of BiologyVirginia Intermont College
Robert BlomgrenPh.D. MathematicsUniversity of Minnesota
Kenneth FrenchChairman Division of Natural ScienceBlinn College
Richard N. TaylorProfessor of Information & Computer ScienceUniversity of California Irvine
Stephen C. KnowlesPh.D. Marine ScienceUniversity of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Marvin FritzlerProfessor of Biochemistry & Molecular BiologyUniversity of Calgary Medical School (Canada)
Mark L. PsiakiProfessor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (Ph.D. Princeton)Cornell University
Walter E. LilloPh.D. Electrical EngineeringPurdue University
Mark FullerPh.D. MicrobiologyUniversity of California Davis
Daniel GalassiniDoctor of Veterinary MedicineKansas State University
Stanley E. ZagerProfessor Emeritus Chemical EngineeringYoungstown State University
Andrew FongPh.D. ChemistryIndiana University
John GarthPh.D. PhysicsUniversity of Illinois Champaign-Urbana
John K. G. KramerAdjunct Professor Dept. of Human Biology & Nutrition SciencesUniversity of Guelph (Canada)
Glen O. BrindleyProfessor of Surgery Director of OphthalmologyScott & White Clinic Texas A&M University H.S.C.
Ann GaugerPh.D. ZoologyUniversity of Washington
Pamela Faith FaheyPh.D. Physiology & BiophysicsUniversity of Illinois
Paul BrownAssistant Professor of Environmental StudiesTrinity Western University (Canada)
Mark GeilPh.D. Biomedical EngineeringOhio State University
Ibrahim BarsoumPh.D. MicrobiologyThe George Washington University
Jim GibsonPh.D. BiologyLoma Linda University
John W. BallietPh.D. Molecular & Cellular BiologyUniversity of Pennsylvania
William GilbertEmeritus Professor of BiologySimpson College
Joe R. EaglemanProfessor Emeritus Department of Physics & AstronomyUniversity of Kansas
Dexter F. SpeckAssociate Professor of PhysiologyUniversity of Kentucky Medical Center
Warren GilsonAssociate Professor Dairy ScienceUniversity of Georgia
Raul LeguizamonProfessor of Medicine (Pathology)Autonomous University of Guadalajara (Mexico)
Steven GollmerPh.D. Atmospheric SciencePurdue University
Sun Uk KimPh.D. Biochemical EngineeringUniversity of Delaware
Gene B. ChaseProfessor of Mathematics and Computer Science (Ph.D. Cornell)Messiah College
Chris GraceAssociate Professor of PsychologyBiola University
James A. EllardSr. Ph.D. ChemistryUniversity of Kentucky
Richard GunasekeraPh.D. Biochemical GeneticsBaylor University
Jennifer M. CohenPh.D. Mathematical PhysicsNew Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Russel PeakSenior Researcher Engineering Information SystemsGeorgia Institute of Technology
Graham GutscheEmeritus Professor of PhysicsU.S. Naval Academy
Olivia A. HendersonPh.D. PharmaceuticsUniversity of Missouri Kansas City
Dan HaleProfessor of Animal ScienceTexas A&M University
Robert L. JonesAssociate Professor Department of OphthalmologyUniversity of California Irvine
James HarbrechtClinical Associate Professor Division of CardiologyUniversity of Kansas Medical Center
George W. BenthienPh.D. MathematicsCarnegie Mellon University
James HarmanAssociate Chair Dept. of Chemistry & BiochemistryTexas Tech University
Frederick T. ZugibeEmeritus Adjunct Associate Professor of PathologyColumbia Univ. College of Physicians and Surgeons
William HarrisPh.D. Nutritional BiochemistryUniversity of Minnesota
Thomas H. JohnsonPh.D. MathematicsUniversity of Maryland
Paul HausgenPh.D. Mechanical EngineeringGeorgia Institute of Technology
Gregory A. SnyderPh.D. GeochemistryColorado School of Mines
Walter HearnPh.D. BiochemistryUniversity of Illinois
Janice ArionPh.D. Animal ScienceCornell University
Howard Martin WhitcraftPh.D. MathematicsUniversity of St. Louis
Nolan HertelProfessor Nuclear & Radiological EngineeringGeorgia Institute of Technology
Joseph FrancisAssociate Professor of BiologyCedarville University
Roland HirschPh.D. Analytical ChemistryUniversity of Michigan
Todd PetersonPh.D. Plant PhysiologyUniversity of Rhode Island
Charles Edward NormanPh.D. Electrical EngineeringCarleton University (Canada)
Dewey HodgesProfessor Aerospace EngineeringGeorgia Institute of Technology
James P. RussumPh.D. Chemical EngineeringGeorgia Institute of Technology
Marko HorbPh.D. Cell & Developmental BiologyState University of New York
Joe WatkinsMilitary Professor Department of Mechanical EngineeringUnited States Military Academy
Barton HousemanEmeritus Professor of ChemistryGoucher College
Mark PrittPh.D. MathematicsYale University
Edward PeltzerPh.D. OceanographyUniversity of California San Diego (Scripps Institute)
Cornelius HunterPh.D. BiophysicsUniversity of Illinois
Rodney IcePrinciple Research Scientist Nuclear & Radiological EngineeringGeorgia Institute of Technology
Malcolm W. MacArthurPh.D. Molecular BiophysicsUniversity of London (UK)
Rafe PaynePh.D. BiologyUniversity of Nebraska
Muzaffar IqbalPh.D. ChemistryUniversity of Saskatchewan (Canada)
Mark P. BowmanPh.D. Organic ChemistryPennsylvania State University
David L. ElliottChair Division of Natural Sciences/MathematicsLouisiana College
David IvesEmeritus Professor of BiochemistryOhio State University
Amiel G. JarstferProfessor & Chair Department of BiologyLeTourneau University
Stephan J. G. GiftProfessor of Electrical EngineeringThe University of the West Indies
Tony JelsmaPh.D. BiochemistryMcMaster University (Canada)
George C. WellsProfessor of Computer ScienceRhodes University (South Africa)
Fred JohnsonPh.D. PathologyVanderbilt University
Raleigh R. White IVProfessor of SurgeryTexas A&M University College of Medicine
Jerry JohnsonPh.D. Pharmacology & ToxicologyPurdue University
Harold D. ColeProfessor of PhysiologySouthwestern Oklahoma State University
Yongsoon ParkPh.D. Nutritional BiochemistryWashington State University
Richard JohnsonProfessor of ChemistryLeTourneau University
David HagenPh.D. Mechanical EngineeringUniversity of Minnesota
David JohnsonAssociate Professor of Pharmacology & ToxicologyDuquesne University
Jay HollmanAssistant Clinical Professor of CardiologyLouisiana State University Health Science Center
Lawrence JohnstonEmeritus Professor of PhysicsUniversity of Idaho
Albert J. StarshakPh.D. Physical ChemistryIllinois Institute of Technology
Robert JonesAssociate Professor of Mechanical EngineeringUniversity of Texas-Pan America
Scott T. DreherPh.D. Geology (Royal Society USA Research Fellow)University of Alaska Fairbanks
David JonesProfessor of Biochemistry & Chair of ChemistryGrove City College
Robert KaitaPh.D. Nuclear PhysicsRutgers University
Kenneth DemarestProfessor of Electrical EngineeringUniversity of Kansas
Edwin KarlowChair, Department of PhysicsLaSierra University
Francis M. DonahueProfessor Emeritus, Chemical EngineeringThe University of Michigan
James KeenerProfessor of Mathematics & Adjunct of BioengineeringUniversity of Utah
Shawn WrightPh.D. Crop ScienceNorth Carolina State University
Douglas KeilPh.D. Plasma PhysicsUniversity of Wisconsin, Madison
Dave FinneganStaff Member (Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Maryland)Los Alamos National Laboratory
Micheal KelleherPh.D. Biophysical ChemistryUniversity of Ibadan (Nigeria)
Christine B. BeaucagePh.D. MathematicsState University of New York at Stony Brook
Rebecca KellerResearch Professor, Department of ChemistryUniversity of New Mexico
Gerald E. HoyerRetired Forrest Scientist (Ph.D. Silviculture, University of Washington)Washington State Department of Natural Resources
Michael KentPh.D. Materials ScienceUniversity of Minnesota
Richard KinchPh.D. Computer ScienceCornell University
Irfan YilmazProfessor of Biology (Ph.D. Systematic Zoology)Dokuz Eylul University (Turkey)
Bretta KingAssistant Professor of ChemistrySpelman College
Mauricio AlcocerDirector of Graduate Studies (Ph.D. Plant Science, University of Idaho)Autonomous University of Guadalajara (Mexico)
R. Barry KingProf. of Environmental Safety & HealthAlbuquerque Technical Vocational Institute
Hiroshi IshiiM.D., Ph.D. Behavioral NeurologyTohoku University (Japan)
Michael KinnairdPh.D. Organic ChemistryUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Lasse UotilaM.D., Ph.D. Medicinal BiochemistryUniversity of Helsinki (Finland)
Donald KobeProfessor of PhysicsUniversity of North Texas, Denton
Martin EmeryPh.D. ChemistryUniversity of Southampton (UK)
Charles KoonsPh.D. Organic ChemistryUniversity of Minnesota
Miguel A. RodriguezUndergraduate Lab. Coordinator for BiochemistryUniversity of Ottawa (Canada)
Carl KovalFull Professor, Chemistry & BiochemistryUniversity of Colorado, Boulder
Magda Narciso LeiteProfessor, College of Pharmacy & BiochemistryUniversidade Federal de Juiz de Fora (Brazil)
Bruce KroghProfessor of Electrical & Computer EngineeringCarnegie Mellon University
Tetsuichi TakagiSenior Research ScientistGeological Survey of Japan
William NotzProfessor of StatisticsOhio State University
Don RanneyEmeritus Professor of Anatomy and KinesiologyUniversity of Waterloo (Canada)
Wesley NyborgEmeritus Professor of PhysicsUniversity of Vermont
Peter William HolylandPh.D. GeologyUniversity of Queensland (Australia)
Paul KuldAssociate Professor of Biological ScienceBiola University
Larry B. RaineyPrincipal Space Systems EngineerMissle Defense Agency
Heather KuruvillaPh.D. Biological SciencesState University of New York, Buffalo
Nancy L. SwansonPh.D. PhysicsFlorida State University
Martin LaBarPh. D. Genetics & ZoologyUniversity of Wisconsin, Madison
William B. HartAssistant Professor of MathematicsUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Teresa LarranagaPh.D. PharmacologyUniversity of New Mexico
Yuri ZharikovPost-Doctoral Research Fellow (Ph.D. Zoology)Simon Fraser University (Canada)
Ronald LarsonProfessor and Chair of Chemical EngineeringUniversity of Michigan
Wolfgang HutterPh.D. ChemistryUniversity of Ulm (Germany)
Robert LattimerPh.D. ChemistryUniversity of Kansas, Lawrence
Robert J. GrahamPh.D. Chemical EngineeringIowa State University
M. Harold LaughlinProfessor & Chair, Department of Biomedical SciencesUniversity of Missouri
Samuel C. WinchesterKlopman Distinguished Professor Emeritus (Ph.D. Princeton)North Carolina State University
George LeboAssociate Professor of AstronomyUniversity of Florida
Kurt J. HenleProfessor Emeritus (Ph.D. Biophysics, University of Pennsylvania)University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
J.B. LeeAssistant Professor of Electrical EngineeringUniversity of Texas, Dallas
James O. DrittPh.D. Civil Engineering & Environmental ScienceUniversity of Oklahoma
Matti LeisolaProfessor, Laboratory of Bioprocess EngineeringHelsinki University of Technology
Manuel Garcia Ulloa GomezDirector of Marine Sciences LaboratoryAutonomous University of Guadalajara (Mexico)
E. LennardSc. D. Surgical Infections & ImmunologyUniversity of Cincinnati
Glen E. DealPh.D. Electrical EngineeringFlorida Institute of Technology
Lane LesterPh.D. GeneticsPurdue University
Paul WhiteheadPh.D. Chemical ThermodynamicsUniversity of Natal (South Africa)
Catherine LewisPh.D. GeophysicsColorado School of Mines
John R. GoltzPh.D. Electrical EngineeringUniversity of Arizona
Peter LinePh.D. NeuroscienceSwinburne University of Technology (Australia)
Gerald P. BodeyEmeritus Professor of Medicine, Former ChairmanDepartment of Medical Specialties University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Garrick LittlePh.D. Organic ChemistryTexas A & M University
John NicholsPh.D. MathematicsUniversity of Tennessee
Mark BeardenPh.D. Electrical & Computer EngineeringCarnegie Mellon University
Harry LubanskyPh.D. Biological ChemistryUniversity of Illinois, Chicago
Daniel L. MoranPh.D. Molecular & Cellular BiologyOhio University Fulbright scholar
Ken LudemaEmeritus Professor of Mechanical EngineeringFulbright Scholar University of Michigan
Jed MacoskoPh.D. ChemistryUniversity of California, Berkeley
Nigel SurridgePh.D. Electrochemistry & PhotochemistryUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Christopher MacoskoPh.D. Chemical EngineeringPrinceton University
David KellerAssociate Professor of ChemistryUniversity of New Mexico
Allen MagnusonPh. D. Theoretical & Applied MechanicsUniversity of New Hampshire
Amy WardPh.D. MathematicsClemson University
Donald MahanProfessor of Animal NutritionOhio State University
Shane A. KastenPost-Doctoral Fellow (Ph.D. Biochemistry, Kansas State University)Virginia Commonwealth University
Robert MarksDistinguished Professor, Electrical & Computer EngineeringBaylor University
Chi-Deu ChangPh.D. Medicinal ChemistryState University of New York, Buffalo
Jesus AmbrizProfessor of MedicineAutonomous University of Guadalajara (Mexico)
Julie MarshallPh.D. ChemistryTexas Tech University
Jay L. WilePh.D. Nuclear ChemistryUniversity of Rochester
Manfredo PansaPh.D. Computer ScienceUniversity of Turin (Italy)
David McClellanAssistant Professor of Family & Community MedicineTexas A&M University College of Medicine
Evgeny ShirokovFaculty Lecturer (Nuclear and Particle Physics)Moscow State University (Russia)
Charles E. Hunt Andy McIntoshProfessor of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Professor of Design Also, Visiting Professor of Physics Full Professor of Thermodynamics and Combustion TheoryUniversity of California, Davis University of Barcelona (Spain)
Andy McIntoshFull Professor of Thermodynamics and Combustion TheoryUniversity of Leeds (UK)
Mark A. RobinsonPh.D. Environmental ScienceLacrosse University
Hsin-Yi LinAssistant Professor Dept. of Chemical Engineering & BiotechnologyNational Taipei University of Technology (Taiwan)
Tom McMullenPh.D. History & Philosophy of ScienceIndiana University
David G. DurrettPh.D. ChemistryLouisiana State University
Haim ShoreProfessor of Quality and Reliability Engineering (Ph.D. Statistics)Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (Israel)
Tony MegaPh.D. BiochemistryPurdue University
Carl PoppePh.D. PhysicsUniversity of Wisconsin
Keith P. BirchPh.D. Atmospheric PhysicsUniversity of Southampton (UK)
James MenartAssociate Professor of Mechanical EngineeringWright State University
Theodor LissPh.D. ChemistryMassachusetts Institute of Technology
James KeeslingProfessor of MathematicsUniversity of Florida
Brian MillerPh.D. PhysicsDuke University
Christopher D. BelingAssociate Professor of PhysicsThe University of Hong Kong (China)
Art NitzPh.D. Anatomy & NeurobiologyUniversity of Kentucky
Thomas MilnerAssociate Professor of Biomedical EngineeringUniversity of Texas Austin
David NessPh.D. AnthropologyTemple University
Christian W. PuritzPh.D. MathematicsUniversity of Glasgow (UK)
Forrest MimsAtmospheric ResearcherGeronimo Creek Observatory
S. W. Pelletier*Emeritus Distinguished Professor of ChemistryUniversity of Georgia Athens
Richard L. Carpenter Jr.Ph.D. MeteorologyUniversity of Oklahoma
Paul MisselPh.D. PhysicsMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Jeffrey SabburgPh.D. PhysicsQueensland University of Technology (Australia)
Dónal O'MathúnaPh.D. PharmacognosyOhio State University
Steve D. FigardPh.D. BiochemistryFlorida State University
Lennart MöllerCenter for Nutrition & ToxicologyKarolinska Institute (Sweden)
Victoriano SaenzProfessor of MedicineAutonomous University of Guadalajara (Mexico)
Takeo NakagawaChancellor (Ph.D. Physics Monash University Australia)White Mountains Academy (Japan)
David MonsonPh.D. Analytical ChemistryIndiana University
James T. FowlerPh.D. MathematicsUniversity of Durham (UK)
Hugh Nutley*Professor Emeritus of Physics & EngineeringSeattle Pacific University
Terry MorrisonPh.D. ChemistrySyracuse University
Bijan NematiPh.D. High Energy PhysicsUniversity of Washington
William Russell BeldingPh.D. MathematicsUniversity of Notre Dame
Bridget InghamPh.D. PhysicsVictoria University of Wellington (New Zealand)
Paul NesselroadeAssociate Professor of Experimental PsychologyAsbury College
Kevin L. KendigPh.D. Materials Science & EngineeringUniversity of Michigan
Marco BernardesProfessor & Chair Department of Mechanical EngineeringFederal Center of Tech. Ed. Minas Gerais (Brazil)
Robert NewmanPh.D. AstrophysicsCornell University
Angus MenugePh.D. Philosophy of PsychologyUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison
Khawar Sohail SiddiquiSenior Research Associate (Protein Chemistry)University of New South Wales (Australia)
Janet ParkerProfessor of Medical PhysiologyTexas A&M University Health Science Center
Scott NorthrupChair and Professor of ChemistryTennessee Tech University
John Omdahl*Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular BiologyUniversity of New Mexico
Matthew A. JenksProfessor of Horticultural SciencePurdue University
Fazale RanaPh.D. ChemistryOhio University
Cevat BabunaProfessor Emeritus of Gynecology (Post-doc University of Chicago)Istanbul University (Turkey)
Bruce L. GordonPh.D. Philosophy of PhysicsNorthwestern University
Lawrence OverzetProfessor of Engineering & Computer ScienceUniversity of Texas, Dallas
J. C. MeredithAssistant Professor, Chemical EngineeringGeorgia Institute of Technology
Siddarth PandeyAssistant Professor of ChemistryNew Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Bruce Holman, IIIPh.D. Organic ChemistryNorthwestern University
Gordon MillsEmeritus Professor of BiochemistryUniversity of Texas, Medical Branch
A. Clyde HillPh.D. Soil ChemistryRutgers University
Aric D. BlumerPh.D. Computer EngineeringVirginia Tech
Stephen C. MeyerPh.D. Philosophy of ScienceCambridge University (UK)
William PurcellPh.D. Physical ChemistryPrinceton University
Paul RandolphPh.D. Mathematical StatisticsUniversity of Minnesota
Christopher MorbeyAstronomer (Ret.)Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics National Research Council of Canada
Stephen C. TentarelliPh.D. Mechanical EngineeringLehigh University
David ReedPh.D EntomologyUniversity of California, Riverside
Charles D. JohnsonPh.D. ChemistryUniversity of Minnesota
J. IshizakiAssociate Professor of Neuropsychology (M.D., Ph.D. Medicine)Kobe Gakuin University (Japan)
David RogstadPh.D. PhysicsCalifornia Institute of Technology
Mark ShlapoberskyPh.D. VirologyBar-Ilan University (Israel)
Arthur John JonesPh.D. Zoology & Comparative PhysiologyBirmingham University (UK)
Patricia ReiffDirector, Rice Space InstituteRice University
Oleh HavryshSenior Research Assistant, Protein & Peptide Structure & Function Dept.Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry & Petrochemistry Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences (Ukraine)
W. Christopher SchroederAssociate Professor of MathematicsMorehead State University
Gail H. AllwineProfessor of Electrical Engineering (retired)Gonzaga University
Dan ReynoldsPh.D. Organic ChemistryUniversity of Texas, Austin
Gildo MagalhãesProfessor of the History of Science & TechnologyUniversity of São Paulo (Brazil)
Andrew SteckleyPh.D. Civil EngineeringUniversity of Western Ontario (Canada)
Terry RickardPh.D. Engineering PhysicsUniversity of California, San Diego
Arlen W. SiertPh.D. Environmental HealthColorado State University
Mubashir HanifPh.D. Plant BiologyUniversity of Helsinki (Finland)
Eliot RobertsPh.D. Soil ChemistryRutgers University
Mario BeauregardAssociate Researcher, Department of Psychology (Ph.D. Neuroscience)University of Montreal (Canada)
Mehmet PakdemirliProfessor of Mechanical EngineeringCelal Bayar University (Turkey)
Quinton RogersProf. of Physiological Chemistry, Dept. of Molecular BiosciencesUniv. of California, Davis, School of Vet. Medicine
Liang HongAssociate Professor, Dept. of Dental Public Health & Behavioral ScienceUniversity of Missouri, Kansas City
Daniel RomoProfessor of ChemistryTexas A&M University
David SabatiniProfessor Civil Engineering & Environmental ScienceUniversity of Oklahoma
Richard BuggsDPhil Plant Ecology & EvolutionOxford University (UK)
Etienne Y. VernazProfessor & Director of Research DirectorCEA (French Atomic Energy Agency) (France)
Theodore SaitoPh.D. PhysicsPennsylvania State University
Jussi MeriluotoProfessor, Department of Biochemistry & PharmacyAbo Akademi University (Finland)
Kay RoscoePh.D. High Energy Particle PhysicsUniversity of Manchester (UK)
Thomas SaleskaProfessor of BiologyConcordia University
James F. DrakePh.D. Atmospheric ScienceUniversity of California, Los Angeles
Daniel M. BrownPh.D. PhysicsCatholic University of America
Fernando SaraviProfessor Department of Morphology and PhysiologyUniv. Nacional de Cuyo (Argentina)
Harold ToupsPh.D. Chemical EngineeringLouisiana State University
Raúl Erlando LópezPh.D. Atmospheric ScienceColorado State University
Beverly W. MillerPh.D. BiologyCarnegie Mellon University
Seyyed Imran HusnainPh.D. Bacterial GeneticsUniversity of Sheffield (UK)
Gayle Livingston BirchfieldPh.D. BiologyUniversity of Missouri Columbia
Dale SchaeferProfessor Materials Science & EngineeringUniversity of Cincinnati
Russell C. HealeyPh.D. Electrical EngineeringUniversity of Cambridge (UK)
James GilchristPh.D. PhysicsUniversity of Texas Austin
Stuart C. BurgessProfessor of Design & Nature Dept. of Mechanical EngineeringBristol University (UK)
Charles W. BellProfessor Emeritus of Biological SciencesSan Jose State University
Norman SchmidtProfessor of ChemistryGeorgia Southern University
Flemming NyboePh.D. Electrical EngineeringTechnical University of Denmark (Denmark)
Steve MaxwellAssociate Professor of Molecular and Cellular MedicineTexas A&M University H.S.C.
Rowan SeymourPh.D. Computer ScienceQueen’s University Belfast (Northern Ireland)
Leslie J. WiemerslageEmeritus Professor (Ph.D. Cell Biology Univ. of Pennsylvania)Southwestern Illinois College
Andrew SchmitzPh.D. Inorganic ChemistryUniversity of Iowa
Anne E. VravickPh.D. Environmental ToxicologyUniversity of Wisconsin Madison
Granville SewellProfessor of MathematicsUniversity of Texas El Paso
Richard A. StrongPh.D. ChemistryNortheastern University
Marshall AdamsPh.D. Marine SciencesUniversity of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Stephen SewellAssistant Professor of Family MedicineTexas A&M University
Mark C. BiedebachProfessor Emeritus of PhysiologyCalifornia State University Long Beach
Gregory ShearerPh.D. PhysiologyUniversity of California Davis
Douglas Nelson RoseResearch PhysicistUnited States Army
David ShormannPh.D. LimnologyTexas A&M University
Paul LorenziniPh.D. Nuclear EngineeringOregon State University
Mark ApkarianPh.D. Exercise PhysiologyUniversity of New Mexico
Dale SpenceEmeritus Professor of KinesiologyRice University
Edson R. RochaResearch Assistant Professor MicrobiologyEast Carolina University
David W. DykstraPh.D. Computer ScienceUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Arnold SikkemaAssociate Professor of PhysicsDordt College
Larry S. HelmickSenior Professor of ChemistryCedarville University
Georgia PurdomPh.D. Molecular GeneticsOhio State University
John SilviusPh.D. Plant PhysiologyWest Virginia University
Philip S. TaylorResearch Fellow Computer ScienceQueen’s University Belfast (UK)
Fred SkiffProfessor of PhysicsUniversity of Iowa
Giulio D. GuerraFirst Researcher of the Italian National Research Council (Chemistry)Istituto Materiali Compositi e Biomedici CNR (Italy)
Ken SmithProfessor of MathematicsCentral Michigan University
Audris ZidermanisPh.D. Nutrition & Molecular BiologyTexas Woman’s University
Jeff TomkinsPh.D. GeneticsClemson University
Lakhi GoenkaPh.D. Fluid DynamicsUniversity of Texas at Austin
Stephen A. BatzerPh.D. Mechanical EngineeringMichigan Technological University
Jacquelyn W. McClellandProfessor (Ph.D. Nutritional Biochemistry)North Carolina State University NCCE
Robert SmithProfessor of ChemistryUniversity of Nebraska Omaha
Fred Van DykeProfessor of Biology and Chair of the Biology DepartmentWheaton College (Illinois)
Ian C. FullerSenior Lecturer in Physical GeographyMassey University (New Zealand)
Wolfgang SmithEmeritus Professor of MathematicsOregon State University
Jorge Pimentel CintraUniversity Professor, Earth SciencesUniversity of São Paulo (Brazil)
Wayne L. CookPh.D. Inorganic ChemistryUniversity of Kentucky
John StamperResearch PhysicistNaval Research Laboratory
Alfred TangVisiting Scholar (Ph.D. Physics, University of Wisconsin, Madison)The Chinese University of Hong Kong (China)
Jeffrey L. VaughnPh.D. EngineeringUniversity of California, Irvine
Timothy StandishPh.D. Environmental BiologyGeorge Mason University
Robert W. KopitzkeProfessor of ChemistryWinona State University
William HankleyProfessor of Computer ScienceKansas State University
Walt StanglAssociate Professor of MathematicsBiola University
Karl StephanAssociate Professor, Dept. of TechnologyTexas State University, San Marcos
Cahit BabunaPh.D. RadiologyIstanbul University (Turkey)
Richard SternbergPh.D. Biology (Molecular Evolution) Also: Ph.D. Systems Science (Theoretical Biology)Florida International University - Binghamton University
Reid W. CastrodaleP.E., Ph.D. Structural EngineeringUniversity of Texas, Austin
Michael StraussAssociate Professor of PhysicsUniversity of Oklahoma
Jason David WardPh.D. Molecular Biology and BiochemistryGlasgow University (UK)
Scott A. RennerPh.D. Computer ScienceUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
John StudenrothPh.D. Plant PathologyCornell University
Peter M. RowellD.Phil. PhysicsUniversity of Oxford (UK)
Mark SwansonPh.D. BiochemistryUniversity of Illinois
Ricardo Bravo MéndezProfessor of Zoology and IchthyologyUniversidad de Valparaíso (Chile)
João Jorge Ribeiro Soares Gonçalves de AraújoAssistant Professor Department of MathematicsOpen University (Portugal)
Rafi AhmedPh.D. Computer ScienceUniversity of Florida
James SwansonProfessor of Biological SciencesOld Dominion University
Wade WarrenC.J. Cavanaugh Chair in BiologyLouisiana College
Justin HollPh.D. Animal ScienceUniversity of Nebraska Lincoln
Bela SzilagyiPh.D. PhysicsUniversity of Pittsburgh
Gary J. BaxterPh.D. Synthetic Organic ChemistryMonash University Melbourne Australia
András VukicsPh.D. in PhysicsUniversity of Szeged Hungary
Wildon FickettPh.D. in ChemistryCaltech
Richard MannPh.D. Physical ChemistryPrinceton University
Daniel TedderAssociate Professor Chemical EngineeringGeorgia Institute of Technology
Derek LinkensSenior Research Fellow and Emeritus Professor (Biomedical Eng.)University of Sheffield (UK)
Charles ThaxtonPh.D. Physical ChemistryIowa State University
Lee M. SpetnerPh.D. PhysicsMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Christopher L. ThomasPh.D. Analytical ChemistryUniversity of South Carolina
J. Benjamin ScripturePh.D. BiochemistryUniversity of Notre Dame
Douglas C. YouvanFormer Associate Professor of Chemistry (Ph.D. U.C. Berkeley)Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Jeff W. JohnsonPh.D. Industrial Organizational & Cognitive PsychologyUniversity of Minnesota
Sture BlombergAssociate Professor of Anesthesia & Intensive Care MedicineThe Sahlgren University Hospital (Sweden)
Pavithran ThomasPh.D. Mechanical EngineeringOhio State University
Leonard LoosePh.D. BotanyUniversity of Leeds (UK)
Richard ThompsonPh.D. Computer ScienceUniversity of Connecticut
John M. DishmanPh.D PhysicsCarnegie Mellon University
Antonio Cruz SuárezPh.D BiologyUniversity of Barcelona
Hyunsoo SoEmeritus Professor of ChemistrySogang University
David UhrigTechnical Staff, Synthetic Polymer ChemistryOak Ridge National Laboratory
Jaime MellaProfessor of Organic ChemistryUniversity of Valparaíso, Chile
John D. Newell, Jr.Professor of Radiology and Biomedical EngineeringUniversity of Iowa
Josh SmithAssociate Professor, Biomedical SciencesMissouri State University
Fritz WenkDoctor of Natural Sciences (Dr. sc. nat. ETH)Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich
Sari HyvärinenD.Sc. in Chemical EngineeringÅbo Akademi University, Finland
Redhwan A. Al-NaggarProfessor of Population Health and Preventive MedicineUniversiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
Jan Carlo DelorenziProfessor of Immunology and Public HealthMackenzie Presbyterian University
Jason WilsonAssociate Professor of StatisticsBiola University
Jeffrey BidwellReader in Molecular ImmunogeneticsUniversity of Bristol, UK
Andrew Neil RollinsonPh.D Sustainable Energy EngineeringUniversity of Leeds
Robert AlstonPh.D Electrical EngineeringNorth Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
Andrew MartinPh.D Materials EngineeringUniversity of Michigan
Jeffrey RidgwayPh.D GeophysicsUniversity of California, San Diego
David N. LankfordPh.D Environmental HealthUniversity of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
Aimee-Louise CraigPh.D Biological ScienceQueens University Belfast
Jeremy MorganProfessor of ChemistryUniversity of North Carolina, Wilmington
Marcelo FernándezPh.D BiochemistryUniversity of Buenos Aires
Jørn DyerbergProfessor Emeritus, Faculty of Life SciencesCopenhagen University
J. David TidwellDoctor of Veterinary MedicineTexas A&M University
Timothy J. DraelosDeep Learning Research and DevelopmentSandia National Laboratories
Ali AhmedTeaching Fellow, Engineering and Computer ScienceVictoria University of Wellington
Remo BadiiPh.D Theoretical PhysicsUniversity of Zurich
Sagar P. KanekarPh.D MicrobiologySavitribai Phule Pune University, India
Change TanAssociate Professor of BiologyUniversity of Missouri
Mariclair ReevesPh.D Cell and Molecular BiologyUniversity of Hawaii
James C. Williams, Jr.Professor of Anatomy and Cell BiologyIndiana University School of Medicine
Vladimir SakharovFormer Senior Environmental and Humanitarian Affairs Officer, Joint UNEP/OCHA Environment Unit in Geneva (Ph.D. Biology, Moscow State University)United Nations
Yoon-Bong HahnProfessor, Chemical Engineering - Fellow of Korea Academy of Science and TechnologyChonbuk National University
Christopher ShawProfessor Emeritus, School of PharmacyQueen’s University of Belfast
Zelleka GetahunSenior Review Chemist, Office of Pharmaceutical QualityFood and Drug Administration
Yahya SunbolProfessor Emeritus, Plant Pathology, Dept. of BiologyTaibah University, Saudi Arabia
Sean CollinsProfessor of Physical Therapy (Anatomy & Physiology)Plymouth State University
Jaewon ParkPh.D. Nuclear EngineeringSeoul National University
David ShoupAssociate ProfessorAT Still University
Toufik MahdaouiProfessor, Materials ScienceUniversity of Setif
David S. K. MagnusonProfessor of Neurological SurgeryUniversity of Louisville
R. Paul BrayPh.D. Chemical EngineeringTexas Tech University
Alex HoffmannProfessor, Dept. of Physics and TechnologyUniversity of Bergen
Mahadeva SrinivasanD.Sc PhysicsUniversity of Bombay
P.J. CostantinoSenior Lecturer School of Pharmacy & Biomedical Sciences (Ph.D Immunology)Curtin University
Caio L. N. AzevedoAssociate Professor Dept of StatisticsInstitute of Mathematics University of Campinas Brazil
Graham Paul GisbyPh.D Synthetic Organic ChemistryCity University London
Steven C. DossinPh.D StatisticsSouthern Methodist University
Thiago Leandro de SouzaAdjunct Professor of Chemical EngineeringFederal University of Goiás
Charles M. HansonPh.D. Theoretical PhysicsGeorgetown University
Gary L. FahnenstielSenior Scientist Michigan Tech Research InstituteMichigan Technological University
Geert AdriaensAssociate Professor Natural Language Processing (Artificial Intelligence)University of Leuven Belgium
D. Albrey ArringtonPh.D. Wildlife & Fisheries SciencesTexas A&M University
Kjell Erik WennberPh.D. Petroleum EngineeringNorwegian Univ. of Science & Technology (Norway)
Orhan KuralProfessor of GeologyTechnical University of Istanbul (Turkey)
Stephen LloydPh.D. Materials ScienceUniversity of Cambridge (UK)
James R. ThompsonNoah Harding Professor of StatisticRice University
Denis M. BoylePh.D. Medical BiochemistryUniversity of Witwatersrand (South Africa)
Ide TrotterPh.D. Chemical EngineeringPrinceton University
Kevin E. SpauldingPh.D. Optical EngineeringUniversity of Rochester
Royal TrumanPh.D. Organic ChemistryMichigan State University
Robert VanderVennenPh.D. Physical ChemistryMichigan State University
Tibor TóthProfessor of Product Information Engineering (D.Sc. Hungarian Academy)University of Miskolc (Hungary)
Nigel E. RobinsonPh.D. Molecular BiologyUniversity of Nottingham (UK)
Vincente VillaEmeritus Professor of BiologySouthwestern University
Margil WadleyPh.D. Inorganic ChemistryPurdue University
Clifton L. KehrPh.D. ChemistryUniversity of Delaware
Carston WagnerAssociate Professor of Medicinal ChemistryUniversity of Minnesota
Karl Heinz KienitzProfessor Department of Systems & ControlInstituto Technologico de Aeronautica (Brazil)
*William F. FechterPh.D. TechnologyArizona State University
Linda WalkupPh.D. Molecular GeneticsUniversity of New Mexico Medical School
James TumlinAssociate Professor of MedicineEmory University
David Van DykePh.D. Analytical ChemistryUniversity of Illinois Urbana
John WalkupEmeritus Professor of Electrical & Computer EngineeringTexas Tech University
Tom BelangerProfessor of Environmental ScienceFlorida Institute of Technology
Joel LantzPh.D. ChemistryUniversity of Rhode Island
Pieder BeeliPh.D. PhysicsUniversity of Notre Dame
Robert WaltzerAssociate Professor of BiologyBelhaven College
James R. BrawerProfessor of Anatomy & Cell Biology (Ph.D. Harvard)McGill University (Canada)
Todd WatsonAssistant Professor of Urban & Community ForestryTexas A & M University
Weimin GaoMicrobiologistBrookhaven National Laboratory
Woody WeedMechanical Engineer Science & Technology DivisionSandia National Labs
Heikki MartikkaProfessor of Machine DesignLappeenranta University of Technology (Finland)
Gerald WegnerPh.D. EntomologyLoyola University
Richard R. NeptuneAssociate Professor Department of Mechanical EngineeringUniversity of Texas Austin
Jonathan WellsPh.D. Molecular & Cell BiologyUniversity of California Berkeley
Alexandre S. SoaresPh.D. MathematicsFederal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Robert WentworthPh.D. ToxicologyUniversity of Georgia
James WanlissAssociate Professor of PhysicsEmbry-Riddle University
Einar W. PalmProfessor Emeritus, Department of Plant PathologyUniversity of Missouri, Columbia
Anthony ReynoldsPh.D. Philosophy of Science (thesis on the Argument for Design)University of London (UK)
R. P. WhartonPh.D. Electrical EngineeringGeorgia Institute of Technology
Lawrence DicksonPh.D. MathematicsPrinceton University
Sandra GadeEmeritus Professor of PhysicsUniversity of Wisconsin, Oshkosh
Elden WhippleAffiliate Professor of Earth & Space SciencesUniversity of Washington
Chee K. YapProfessor of Computer Science (Ph.D., Yale University)Courant Institute, New York University
Mark WhiteProfessor of Chemical EngineeringGeorgia Institute of Technology
Charles DetwilerPh.D. GeneticsCornell University
Terrance MurphyProfessor of ChemistryWeill Cornell Medical College
Ed NeelandProfessor of ChemistryOkanagan University
Gregg WilkersonPh.D. Geologic ScienceUniversity of Texas, El Paso
Noel FunderburkPh.D. MicrobiologyUniversity of North Texas
Joseph M. MarraDirector, Interventional Radiology, & Adjunct Professor of MedicineNiagara Falls Memorial Medical Center
Ken PascoePh.D. Electrical EngineeringAir Force Institute of Technology
John H. WhitmoreAssociate Professor of GeologyCedarville University
Ernest L. BrannonProfessor Emeritus, Distinguished Research Professor (Ph.D. Fisheries)University of Idaho
Miroslav HillFormer Director of ResearchCentre National de la Recherche Scientifique (France)
Christopher WilliamsPh.D. BiochemistryOhio State University
Georg A. SpeckPh.D. Biology, Molecular PharmacologyUniversity of Heidelberg (Germany)
J. Mitch WolffProfessor of Mechanical EngineeringWright State University
Thomas D. GillespieResearch Professor EmeritusTransportation Research Institute, Univ. of Michigan
John WorrakerPh.D. Applied MathematicsUniversity of Bristol (UK)
Hans DegensReader in Muscle PhysiologyManchester Metropolitan University (UK)
Alexander YankovskyAssistant Professor of Physical OceanographyNova Southeastern University
Begona M. BradhamPh.D. Molecular BiologyUniversity of South Carolina
Christopher ScurlockPh.D. ChemistryArizona State University
John C. ZinkFormer Assistant Professor of EngineeringUniversity of Oklahoma
Patrick YoungPh.D. ChemistryOhio University
Bruno LemaireProfessor, Decision Science & Information Systems (Ph.D. Mathematics)HEC Paris (France)
David ZartmanPh.D. Genetics & Animal BreedingOhio State University
Charles T. RomboughPh.D. EngineeringUniversity of Texas
Ingolf KanestrømProfessor Emeritus, Department of GeoscienceUniversity of Oslo (Norway)
Henry ZuillEmeritus Professor of BiologyUnion College
Jane M. OrientClinical Lecturer in MedicineUniversity of Arizona College of Medicine
John C. SanfordCourtesy Associate Professor of Horticultural SciencesCornell University
Frank YoungPh.D. Computer EngineeringAir Force Institute of Technology
Murray E. MoorePh.D. Mechanical EngineeringTexas A&M University
William J. PowersPh.D. PhysicsUniversity California, San Diego
William DeJongPh.D. Computer ScienceUniversity of Groningen (The Netherlands)
Max G. WalterAssociate Professor of RadiologyOklahoma University Health Science Center
Rosa María MuñozHead of Biopharmacy DepartmentAutonomous University of Guadalajara (Mexico)
Scott R. FultonPh.D. Atmospheric ScienceColorado State University
Don OlsonPh.D. Analytical ChemistryPurdue University
Graham MarshallPh.D. Analytical ChemistryUniversity of Pretoria (South Africa)
Ke-Wei ZhaoPh.D. NeuroscienceUniversity of California, San Diego
Philip R. PagePh.D. Theoretical Particle PhysicsUniversity of Oxford (UK)
Roger WiensPh.D. PhysicsUniversity of Minnesota
Mark TolemanPh.D. Molecular MicrobiologyBristol University (UK)
Robert O. KalbachPh.D. Physical ChemistryUniversity of South Florida
Gregory J. BrewerProf. of Neurology, Medical Microbiology, Immunology and Cell BiologySouthern Illinois University School of Medicine
Neil HuberDr. rer. nat. (Ph.D. Anthropology)Tuebingen University
Marc C. DanielsAssociate Professor of BiologyWilliam Carey University
J.D. MoolenburghPh.D. EpidemiologyUniversity of Rotterdam (The Netherlands)
Roger LienPh.D. PhysiologyNorth Carolina State University
Dean SchulzPh.D. Computer ScienceColorado State University
John MillamPh.D. Computational ChemistryRice University
Joseph LaryEpidemiologist and Research Biologist (retired)Centers for Disease Control
Richard S. Beale, Jr.Ph.D. EntomologyUniversity of California, Berkeley
Ernest M. ThiessenPh.D. Civil & Environmental EngineeringCornell University
Tianyou WangResearch ScientistCenter for Advanced Studies in Measurement &Assessment University of Iowa
Øyvind A. VoiePh.D. BiologyUniversity of Oslo (Norway)
David K. ShortessProfessor of Biology (retired)New Mexico Tech
A.D. Harrison*Emeritus Professor of BiologyUniversity of Waterloo
William P. ShulawProfessor of Veterinary Preventive MedicineThe Ohio State University
Darrell R. ParnellPh. D. University Level Science EducationKansas State University
Daniel W. BarnettePh. D. Aerospace EngineeringStanford University
David William JensenProfessor of BiologyTomball College
Edward M. BohnPh. D. Nuclear EngineeringUniversity of Illinois
Robert G. VosPh.D. Civil/Structural EngineeringRice University
Yvonne BoldtPh. D. MicrobiologyUniversity of Minnesota
William B. CollierPh. D. Physical ChemistryOklahoma State University
Edward GadeProfessor Emeritus of MathematicsUniversity of Wisconsin Oshkosh
James E. NymannEmeritus Professor of MathematicsUniversity of Texas at El Paso
Malcolm A. CutchinsPh. D. Engineering MechanicsVirginia Tech
Lisanne D’Andrea-WinslowPh. D. Cell Biology & BiochemistryRutgers University
Holger DaugaardPh. D. AgronomyDanish Institute of Agricultural Sciences (Denmark)
Shieu-Hong LinAssistant Professor of Computer Science (Ph.D. Brown University)Biola University
W. John DurfeeAssistant Professor of PharmacologyCase Western Reserve University
Dominic M. HalsmerPh. D. Mechanical EngineeringUCLA
Charles B. LowreyPh.D. ChemistryUniversity of Houston
Jeffrey H. HarwellPh. D. Chemical EngineeringUniversity of Texas Austin
Frank ChengAssociate Professor of ChemistryUniversity of Idaho
Yoshiyuki AmemiyaProfessor of Advanced Materials Science & Applied PhysicsThe University of Tokyo
Barbara S. HelmkampPh.D. Theoretical PhysicsLouisiana State University
David C. KemProfessor of MedicineUniversity of Oklahoma College of Medicine
C. Thomas LuiskuttyPh.D. PhysicsUniv. of Louisville
Wusi MakiResearch Asst. Professor Dept. of Microbiology Mol. Biology & Biochem.University of Idaho
A. Cordell PerkesPh.D. Science EducationOhio State University
John D. CookHead of Software Development (Ph.D. Mathematics U.T. Austin)Department of Biostatistics & Applied Mathematics U. of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Tony PratoProf. of Ecological EconomicsUniversity of Missouri
Charles G. SannyProf. of BiochemistryOklahoma State University Ctr. for Health Sciences
Jairam VanamalaPostdoctoral Research AssociateFaculty of Nutrition TAMU College Station
Gordon L. WilsonPh.D. Environmental Science and Public PolicyGeorge Mason University
Robin D. ZimmerPh.D. Environmental SciencesRutgers University
Karl DuffSc.D. Mechanical EngineeringMassachusetts Institute of Technology
David JanssonSc.D. Instrumentation and Automatic ControlMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Alfred G. RatzPh.D. Engineering PhysicsUniversity of Toronto (Canada)
Chris CellucciAssociate Professor of PhysicsUrsinus College
Gary MakiDirector Ctr. for Advanced Microelectronics and Biomolecular ResearchUniversity of Idaho
Ronald S. CarsonPh.D. Nuclear EngineeringUniversity of Washington
Joseph A. StradaPh.D. Aeronautical EngineeringNaval Postgraduate School
Olaf KarthausAssociate Professor ChemistryChitose Institute of Science & Technology (Japan)
Arnold Eugene CardenProfessor Emeritus of Engineering Science & MechanicsUniversity of Alabama
John B. MarshallProfessor of MedicineUniversity of Missouri School of Medicine
Robert B. SheldonPh.D. PhysicsUniversity of Maryland College Park
B. K. NelsonResearch Toxicologist (retired)Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Hansik YoonPh.D. Fiber ScienceSeoul National University (South Korea)
David ConoverPh.D. Health PhysicsPurdue University
Luis Paulo Franco de BarrosD.Sc. Mechanical EngineeringPontificia Universidade Católica (Brazil)
Richard W. PooleyProfessor of Surgery (retired)New York Medical College
Arthur ChadwickPh.D. Molecular BiologyUniversity of Miami
Lennart SaariAdjunct Professor Wildlife BiologyUniversity of Helsinki (Finland)
Douglas G. FrankPh.D. Surface ElectrochemistryUniversity of Cincinnati
James G. TarrantPh.D. Organic ChemistryUniversity of Texas Austin
N. Ricky ByrnPh.D. Nuclear EngineeringGeorgia Institute of Technology
Jeffrey E. LanderPh.D. BiomechanicsUniversity of Oregon
Curtis HawkinsAsst. Clinical Professor of DermatologyCase Western Reserve Univ. School of Medicine
Mary A. BrownDVM (Veterinary Medicine)Ohio State University
Thomas H. MarshallAdjunct Professor Food Agricultural and Biological EngineeringOhio State University
Charles H. McGowenAssistant Professor of MedicineNortheastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine
Ronald R. CrawfordEd.D. Science EducationBall State University
Matti JunnilaDVM Ph.D. Veterinary PathologyUniversity of Helsinki (Finland)
Dean SvobodaPh.D. Electrical EngineeringThe Ohio State University
Ruth C. MilesProfessor of ChemistryMalone College
Mark J. LatteryAssociate Professor of PhysicsUniversity of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
William McVaughAssociate Professor of Biology Department of Natural SciencesMalone College
Jeffrey M. GoffAssociate Professor of ChemistryMalone College
Jarrod W. CarterPh.D. BioengineeringUniversity of Washington
David B. Medved*Ph.D. PhysicsUniversity of Pennsylvania
Theodore W. GeierPh.D. Forrest HydrologyUniversity of Minnesota
Christian HeissPost-Doctoral Associate Complex Carbohydrate Res. Ctr.Univ. of Georgia
G. Bradley SchaeferProfessor of PediatricsUniversity of Nebraska Medical Center
Bruce SimatAssociate Professor of BiologyNorthwestern College
Teresa GonskeAssistant Professor of MathematicsNorthwestern College
Thomas MundieDean of the School of Science & TechnologyGeorgia Gwinnett College
Scott S. KinnesProfessor of BiologyAzusa Pacific University
James A. HugginsChair Dept. of Biology & Dir. Hammons Center for Scientific StudiesUnion University
Jonathan A. ZderadAssistant Professor of MathematicsNorthwestern College
Michael R. EgnorProfessor and Vice-Chairman Dept. of Neurological SurgeryState University of New York at Stony Brook
I. Caroline CrockerPh.D. ImmunopharmacologyUniversity of Southampton (UK)
Donald J. HanrahanPh.D. Electrical EngineeringUniversity of Maryland
Gintautas JazbutisPh.D. Mechanical EngineeringGeorgia Institute of Technology
Paul S. DarbyPh.D. Organic ChemistryUniversity of Georgia
Changhyuk AnPh.D. PhysicsUniversity of Tennessee
L. Kirt MartinProfessor of BiologyLubbock Christian University
Gerald SchroederPh.D. Earth Sciences & Nuclear PhysicsMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Rod RogersPh.D. Agronomy/Plant BreedingIowa State University
David W. HerrinResearch Assistant Professor in Mechanical EngineeringUniversity of Kentucky
Glen NeedhamAssociate Professor of Entomology (Emeritus)The Ohio State University
E. Byron RogersProfessor of Chemistry Chair Dept. of Mathematics & Physical SciencesLubbock Christian University
Vladimir L. VoeikovVice-Chairman Chair of Bio-organic ChemistryFaculty of Biology Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russia)
Ricardo LeonDean of School of MedicineAutonomous University of Guadalajara (Mexico)
Eugene C. AshbyRegents’ Professor and Distinguished Professor EmeritusGeorgia Institute of Technology
JoAnne LarsenAssistant Professor of Industrial EngineeringUniversity of South Florida Lakeland
Douglas AxeDirector (Ph.D. Chemical Engineering California Institute of Technology)Biologic Institute
Joel BrindProfessor of BiologyBaruch College City University of New York
Olufemi Dokun-BabalolaProfessor of Ophthalmology and Head of Department of SurgeryBingham University (Nigeria)
L. Nathan TumeyPh.D. ChemistryDuke University
William F. BasenerAssociate Professor of MathematicsRochester Institute of Technology
L. Whit MarksEmeritus Professor of PhysicsUniversity of Central Oklahoma
Jan Peter BengtsonAssociate Professor (M.D. Ph.D. Intensive Care Medicine)University of Gothenburg (Sweden)
Perry MasonProfessor of Mathematics and Physical ScienceLubbock Christian University
Timothy A. MixonAssistant Professor of MedicineTexas A&M University
Lawrence DeMejoPh.D. Polymer Science and EngineeringUniversity of Massachusetts at Amherst
Charles GarnerProfessor of ChemistryBaylor University
Lynne ParkerProfessor of Computer Science (Ph.D. MIT) Distributed Intelligence LabUniversity of Tennessee
Ivan M. LangPh.D. Physiology and BiophysicsTemple University
David J. LawrencePh.D. PhysicsWashington University St. Louis
John G. HoeyPh.D. Molecular and Cellular BiologyCity University of New York Graduate School
Theodore J. SiekPh.D. BiochemistryOregon State University
John P. RickertPh.D. MathematicsVanderbilt University
Christian M. LochPh.D. Biochemistry and Molecular GeneticsUniversity of Virginia
David W. RuschSr. Research Scientist Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space PhysicsUniversity of Colorado
Charles A. SignorinoPh.D. Organic ChemistryUniversity of Pennsylvania
Luke RandallPh.D. Molecular MicrobiologyUniversity of London (UK)
Jan Frederic DudtAssociate Professor of BiologyGrove City College
Glenn A. MarschAssociate Professor of PhysicsGrove City College
Eduardo SahagunProfessor of BotanyAutonomous University of Guadalajara (Mexico)
Mark A. ChambersPh.D. VirologyUniversity of Cambridge (UK)
Gary HookPh.D. Environmental ScienceUniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
Daniel HowellPh.D. BiochemistryVirginia Tech
Joel D. HubbardAssociate Professor, Dept. of Lab. Science and Primary CareTexas Tech University Health Sciences Center
C. Roger LongbothamPh.D. StatisticsFlorida State University
Hugh L. HenryLecturer (Ph.D. Physics, University of Virginia)Northern Kentucky University
Jonathan D. EisenbackProfessor of Plant Pathology Dept. of Plant Pathology and Weed ScienceVirginia Tech
Eduardo ArroyoProfessor of Forensics (Ph.D. Biology)Complutense University (Spain)
Peter SilleyPh.D. Microbial BiochemistryUniversity of Newcastle upon Tyne
E. Norbert SmithPh.D. ZoologyTexas Tech University
Peter C. IwenProfessor of Pathology and MicrobiologyUniversity of Nebraska Medical Center
Paul RoschkeA.P. and Florence Wiley Professor, Dept. of Civil EngineeringTexas A&M University
Luman R. WingAssociate Professor of BiologyAzusa Pacific University
Edward F. BlickPh.D. Engineering ScienceUniversity of Oklahoma
Wesley M. TaylorFormer Chairman of the Division of Primate Medicine & SurgeryNew England Regional Primate Research Center Harvard Medical School
Don EnglandProfessor Emeritus of ChemistryHarding University
Wayne LinnProfessor Emeritus of BiologySouthern Oregon University
James GundlachAssociate Professor of PhysicsJohn A. Logan College
Guillermo GonzalezAssociate Professor of AstronomyIowa State University
Tim DroubayPh.D. PhysicsUniversity of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Gregory D. BossartDirector and Head of PathologyHarbor Branch Oceanographic Institution
Barry HomerPh.D. MathematicsSouthampton University (UK)
Jiøí VáchaProfessor Emeritus of Pathological PhysiologyInstitute of Pathophysiology Masaryk University (Czech Republic)
Richard J. NevesProfessor of Fisheries, Dept. of Fisheries and Wildlife SciencesVirginia Tech
David DemingAssociate Professor of GeosciencesUniversity of Oklahoma
Gregory A. AtorAssociate Professor, Department of OtolaryngologyUniversity of Kansas Medical Center
Erkki JokisaloPh.D. Social PharmacyUniversity of Kuopio (Finland)
John S. RodenAssociate Professor of BiologySouthern Oregon University
Donald W. RussellAdjunct Assistant Clinical ProfessorUniversity of North Carolina School of Medicine
Neil ArmitageAssociate Professor of Civil EngineeringUniversity of Cape Town (South Africa)
Geoff BarnardSenior Research Scientist, Department of Veterinary MedicineUniversity of Cambridge (UK)
Richard HassingPh.D. Theoretical PhysicsCornell University
Olivia TorresProfessor-Researcher (Human Genetics)Autonomous University of Guadalajara (Mexico)
Donald A. KangasProfessor of BiologyTruman State University
Alvin MasariraSenior Lecturer for Structural Engineering and MechanicsUniversity of Cape Town (South Africa)
George A. EkamaProfessor, Water Quality Engineering, Dept of Civil EngineeringUniversity of Cape Town (South Africa)
Alistair DonaldPh.D. Environmental Science/Quaternary or Pleistocene PalynologyUniversity of Wales (UK)
Thomas C. MajerusPharmD; FCCPUniversity of Minnesota
Ferenc FarkasPh.D. Applied Chemical SciencesTechnical University of Budapest (Hungary)
Scott A. ChambersAffiliate Professor of Chemistry and Materials Science & EngineeringUniversity of Washington
Cris EberlePh.D. Nuclear EngineeringPurdue University
Dennis M. SullivanProfessor of Biology and BioethicsCedarville University
Rodney M. RutlandDepartment Head & Associate Professor of KinesiologyAnderson University
Alastair M. NoblePh.D. ChemistryUniversity of Glasgow (Scotland)
Robert D. OrrProfessor of Family MedicineUniversity of Vermont College of Medicine
Laverne MillerClinical Associate Professor of Family MedicineMedical College of Ohio
Laura BurkeFormer Associate Professor of Industrial EngineeringLehigh University
Terry W. SpencerFormer Chair Department of Geology & GeophysicsTexas A&M University
Bert MassiePh.D. PhysicsUniversity of California Los Angeles
Mark C. PorterPh.D. Chemical EngineeringMassachusetts Institute of Technology
S. Thomas AbrahamAssistant Professor of Pharmacology & ToxicologyCampbell University School of Pharmacy
John L. HofferProfessor of Engineering (also) Professor of AnesthesiologyTexas A&M University College of Engineering - Texas A&M Univ. Syst. Health Science Center
Herman BranoverProfessor of Mechanical EngineeringBen-Gurion University (Israel)
Martin KrauseResearch Scientist (Astronomy)University of Cambridge (UK)
James G. BentsenPh.D. ChemistryMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Charles N. DelzellProfessor of Mathematics (Ph.D. Stanford)Louisiana State University
Curtis HrischukPh.D. Electrical EngineeringCarleton University (Canada)
Guang-Hong ChenAssistant Professor of Medical Physics & RadiologyUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison
Doug HufstedlerPh.D. Animal NutritionTexas A&M University
Justin LongPh.D. Chemical EngineeringIowa State University
James E. RankinPh.D. General RelativityYeshiva University (Israel)
Donald F. SmeeResearch Professor (Microbiology)Utah State University
Colin R. ReevesProfessor of Operational Research (Ph.D. Evolutionary Algorithms)Coventry University (UK)
Eugene K. BalonUniversity Professor Emeritus Department of Integrative BiologyUniversity of Guelph (Canada)
William F. SmithPh.D. in Molecular & Cellular BiologyMcGill University
William A. Eckert IIIPh.D. in Cell & Molecular PhysiologyUniversity of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Hannes FischerPh.D. in Molecular BiologyUniversity of Pennsylvania
Ronald D. DeGroatPh.D. Electrical EngineeringUniversity of Colorado at Boulder
John R. FritchPh.D. in ChemistryUniversity of California Berkeley
Emilio CervantesPh.D. in Molecular BiologyUniversity of Salamanca Spain
Charles A. RodenbergerPh.D. in Aerospace EngineeringUniversity of Texas at Austin
William MurphyPh.D. in ChemistryColumbia University
Valdemar W. SetzerPh.D. in Applied MathematicsUniversity of São Paulo Brazil
Brandon van der VentelPh.D. in Theoretical Nuclear PhysicsStellenbosch University
Eric MontgomeryPh.D. in PhysicsStellenbosch University
Neil SteinerPh.D. in Electrical EngineeringVirginia Tech
Jeffery R. LaynePh.D. in Electrical EngineeringThe Ohio State University
Ferenc TóthPh.D. in Agricultural SciencesSzent István University Gödöllo Hungary
Christian A. WidenerPh.D. Mechanical EngineeringWichita State University
Timothy H. HeilPh.D. in Computer EngineeringUniversity of Wisconsin Madison
Fred B. MaasPh.D. in AgronomyPurdue University
Mike ViccaryPh.D. in Sold State ChemistryUniversity of Bradford
Michael N. KeasPh.D History of ScienceUniversity of Oklahoma
Gérald PechPh.D. in Satellite Communications & NetworkingSupaero (Higher Inst. of Space and Aeronautics) France
Marco FasoliPh.D. in BiochemistryUniversity of Cambridge (UK)
Chrystal L. Ho PaoAssistant Professor of Biology (Ph.D. Molecular Genetics, Harvard U.)Trinity International University
Donald E. JohnsonPh.D. Computer & Information Sciences - Also: Ph.D. ChemistryUniversity of Minnesota - Michigan State University
James CampbellPh.D in PhysicsVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Alex ChediakProfessor of Engineering and PhysicsCalifornia Baptist University
J. Richard KiperPh.D. in Computing Technology in EducationGraduate School of Computer and Information Sciences, Nova Southeastern University
Steve OverellPh.D. in Solid State PhysicsEdinburgh University
Zoltán SüttoM.D. Ph.D. in Medicine Dept. of PulmonologySemmelweis University Budapest Hungary
Kristian M. ArasonPh.D. in Medicinal ChemistryOhio State University
Robert BeckettPh.D. in Animal GeneticsOhio State University
Kirk CameronPh.D. in StatisticsStanford University
William E. SolomonsPh.D. Medicinal ChemistryThe University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy
Everett T. SolomonsPh.D. Medicinal ChemistryThe University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy
James N. CumminsEmeritus Professor of PomologyCornell University
Chad DechowAssistant Professor of Dairy GeneticsPenn State University
Dale A. DickinsonAssistant Professor & Graduate Program DirectorSchool of Public Health University of Alabama Birmingham
Gerald C. Van DykeProfessor of Botany & Plant PathologyNorth Carolina State University
Paul N. DunlapPh.D. in Chemical EngineeringCalifornia Institute of Technology
Yupeng (David) HePh.D. in MicrobiologyUniversity of Washington
Matthew Harvey JonesPh.D. in Mechanical and Aeronautical EngineeringUniversity of California
Davis Donald LinnPh.D. in ChemistryUniversity of Georgia
James R. MatthewsPh.D. in Materials EngineeringMIT
Doug PetersPh.D. in Electrical EngineeringUniversity of Virginia
Terry L. RathmanPh.D. in Organic ChemistryVirginia Tech
Philip C. SekarPh.D. in Medical ChemistryUniversity of Delhi
Evgeny SelenskyPh.D. in Physics and MathematicsMoscow State University
Craig ThomasPh.D. in Animal ScienceUniversity of Florida
Ron VossPh.D. in ChemistryUniversity of Manitoba
Wesley BrewerPh.D. in Computational EngineeringMississippi State University
Keith DiazPh.D. in Integrative Exercise PhysiologyTemple University
Clifford Hull Jr.Ph.D. in Analytical and Biological ChemistryUniversity of South Carolina
Luis SantamariaProfessor of Histology Dept. of Anatomy Histology and NeuroscienceAutonomous University of Madrid
David TongPh.D. in Experimental Atomic Molecular and Optical PhysicsUniversity of Connecticut
Amaro Carvalho CamiloPh.D. in Cellular and Structural BiologyUniversity of Viçosa
David (Dale) GottliebPh.D. in Philosophy - Mathematical LogicBrandeis University
Jeng-Kuang HwangPh.D. in Electrical EngineeringNational Tsing-Hua University
Ramsin KhoshabehPh.D. in Electrical and Computer EngineeringUniversity of California San Diego
Ming-blu LeungPh.D. in Civil EngineeringUniversity of Illinois
Pekka MaattanenPh.D. in BiochemistryMcGill University (Canada)
Gerald K. McEwenPh.D. in ChemistryIowa State University
Suzanne PhillipsChair of Biology DepartmentSouthwestern Adventist University
Wei H. RuanProfessor of MathematicsPurdue University Calumet
Terry StroutPh.D. in Chemical EngineeringUniversity of Maine
Paolo CioniContract Professor Psychology Faculty of MedicineUniversity of Pisa and Florence
George A. DamoffPh.D. in ForestryStephen F. Austin State University
Charles W. SlackPh.D. in PsychologyPrinceton
Stefano BrillantiAssociate Professor of GastroenterologyUniversity of Bologna
Ryan F. EstevezAssistant Professor Dept. of Psychiatry and NeurosciencesUniversity of South Florida College of Medicine
Monty Craig JohnsonPh.D. in MicrobiologySouthern Illinois University
William Soo HooPh.D. in BiochemistryUniversity of Illinois Champaign-Urbana
David L. MacQuarriePh.D. in Evaluation Measurement and ResearchWestern Michigan University
Mustafa McPhersonPh.D. in AgronomyMississippi State University
Michael BarfieldResearch Fellow Dept. of SurgeryDuke University Medical Center
Lucija TomljenovicPh.D. in BiochemistryJames Cook University (Australia)
David W. ChesterPh.D. in BiochemistryUniversity of Connecticut
Julio A. GonzaloProfessor of Solid State Physics 1983-2006Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
John G. LesliePh.D. Experimental PathologyUniversity of Utah
Hamza SaouliPh.D. Computer ScienceUniversity of Biskra Algeria
Peter-Brian AnderssonDPhil Experimental PathologyOxford University (UK)
Mark TabladilloPh.D. Industrial and Systems EngineeringGeorgia Institute of Technology
Jean-Michel OlivereauProfessor of Neurosciences (retired)University of Paris-Descartes
Timothy P. GilmourPh.D. Electrical EngineeringPennsylvania State University
Mark LiebePh.D. Water Resources EngineeringIowa State University
Edward SchmeichelEmeritus Professor of MathematicsSan Jose State University
James HodgePh.D. ChemistryPennsylvania State University
Ernst LutzPh.D. in Agricultural and Resource EconomicsUniversity of California Berkley
Istvan FodorPh.D. in Molecular BiologyUSSR Academy of Sciences (USSR)
Kelson Mota T. OliveiraAssociate Professor Physical ChemistryUniversidade Federal do Amazonas (Brazil)
Rob RedfieldProfessor Dept. of Engineering MechanicsUS Air Force Academy
Brian E. HuntAssociate Professor Applied Health ScienceWheaton College
David RolfPh.D. in Bioorganic ChemistryUniversity of Minnesota
Wayne RossiterAssistant Professor of BiologyWaynesburg University
Ralph A Henderson Jr.Professor Emeritus Department of Clinical SciencesAuburn University College of Veterinary Medicine
Carlos Alberto Mourão JrChief of Physiology DepartmentUniversidade Federal de Juiz de Fora (Brazil)
Moses NohPh.D. in Mechanical EngineeringGeorgia Institute of Technology
Allan L. BleeckerPh.D. BiologyRutgers University
John RokosPh.D. BiochemistryUniversity of London
Dave B. TribbleProfessor of Physics (retired)Loyola University of Chicago
Edgar P. MoraesProfessor of ChemistryFederal University of Rio Grande do Norte (Brazil)
James P. O’HalloranPh.D. PsychologyUniversity of California Irvine
Izak J van der WaltProfessor Philosophy of Science and TechnologyNorth West University (South Africa)
Rex A. ParkerPh.D. BiochemistryIndiana University
Richard WebbPh.D. PhysicsWashington State University
Robert W. West Jr.Emeritus Professor Department of Biochemistry and Molecular BiologySUNY Upstate Medical University
Matthew WeeksPh.D. Materials Science and EngineeringUniversity of California Irvine
Timothy D. BlackburnPh.D. Systems EngineeringThe George Washington University
Teemu LangsjoM.D. Ph.D. AnatomyUniversity of Eastern Finland
Peter KnibbePh.D. Experimental PhysicsUniversity of Pennsylvania
Jude Jerome D’SouzaLecturer in Mathematics (Retired)Bhavan’s College Mumbai
Thomas A. ZanardiPh.D BiochemistryTexas A&M University
Rodinei AugustiProfessor of ChemistryFederal University of Minas Gerais - Brazil
Hendrich RedelinghuÿsPh.D. Food ScienceUniversity of Stellenbosch (South Africa)
W. Mark PotampaClinical Associate Professor of Ophthalmology - RetiredUniversity of Washington
Lawrence T. McHargueProfessor Emeritus (Ph.D Biology University of California Irvine)Vanguard University of Southern California
James E. Carter IIIAssociate Professor Nutrition and Dietetics (Ph.D Biochemistry)Loma Linda University
Mohanad NadaAssistant Professor in ImmunopathologyAmerican University of Iraq
Sebastian MichaelPh.D in AnthropologyUniversity of Bombay
John ThatcherPh.D. Mathematics (Theoretical Astrophysics)University of Sydney
John RousseauPh.D. PhysicsOxford University
Alberto VigatoPh.D. Information EngineeringUniversity of Padua Italy
Kjell J. TveterProfessor of Urology (retired)University of Oslo
Rodrigo M. PontesProfessor of ChemistryThe State University of Maringa (Brazil)
George-Adrian LunguPh.D. PhysicsUniversity of Bucharest
Kirk DurstonPh.D. BiophysicsUniversity of Guelph
Márcio LazzarottoProfessor Organic ChemistryUniversidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)
Greg W. BurgreenPh.D. Mechanical EngineeringMississippi State University
Silviu PodariuPh.D. CosmologyKansas State University
Catherine K. LukPh.D. in BiophysicsUniversity of Rochester
Moshe MarikovskyPh.D. in BiologyWeizmann Institute of Science (Israel)
J.W. Sam StevensonPh.D. in Organic ChemistryUniversity of South Carolina
Christopher Q. LanAssociate Professor Chemical and Biological EngineeringUniversity of Ottawa (Canada)
Paul CraddockAssistant Professor Experimental PsychologyUniversity of Lille (France)
Wilton RemigioAssistant Professor Department of Physical TherapyMisericordia University
Samuel ValençaProfessor of HistologyFederal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Yongfang ZhangPh.D. Electrical EngineeringCalifornia Institute of Technology
Betsy SiewertPh.D. in BiostatisticsUniversity of Colorado Denver
Edgar AndrewsEmeritus Professor of Materials ScienceUniversity of London UK
Ryan T. HayesPh.D. ChemistryNorthwestern University
Sam S. YoonProfessor of Mechanical EngineeringKorea University Seoul Korea
Iuliana PasukSenior ResearcherNational Institute of Materials Physics Romania
Martin KlvanaPh.D. MicrobiologyMasaryk University Czech Republic
Wessel P. DirksenPh.D. in Molecular Biology and MicrobiologyCase Western Reserve University
Günter BechlyPh.D. PaleontologyEberhard-Karls-University Tübingen
Patricia WolfePh.D. Molecular PharmacologyCornell University
Doo Jin ChoProfessor of ElectronicsAjou University Korea
Jang Hoon KimProfessor of ArchitectureAjou University Korea
Rémi PlusDoctor of Sciences Paris University Former memberSociété Française de Chimie Physique
D. David NowackPh.D. Nutritional BiochemistryPurdue University
Dusan FialaPh.D. Biophysics/Systems BiologyDe Montfort University
Michael R. ShepardPh.D. ChemistryUniversity of Florida
Victor Enrique Vizcarra RuizProfessor of PhysicsUniversidade Estadual de Maringá
PremRaj PushpakaranPh.D BiotechnologyJamia Hamdard New Delhi India
Dudley EirichPh.D MicrobiologyUniversity of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana
Guy F. BirkenmeierPh.D BiochemistryWashington State University
Paul KeoughPh.D Health SciencesNorthwestern University

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