Monday, 4 December 2017

When Accusations Serve As Evidence

Understanding the Times

Douglas Wilson

. . . . It cannot be denied that we live in a time when our culture believes, and many Christian leaders unfortunately echo it, that it is our duty to simply say "I believe you" to any woman who accuses any man. No investigation necessary. This is a false, pernicious, and wicked lie. But we also live in a generation, catechized as it has been by porn, where genuine abuse between the sexes is by no means unusual, and where powerful leaders know how to circle the wagons to protect their own. Many of the accusations are true. But to refuse to sort them out is not to fight the corruption, but in fact it is to surrender to it.

True Christian courage is the kind that is willing to stand up to any mob that wants to bypass due process. And true Christian courage is also willing to stand up to any entrenched power-brokers who want to carve out sexual perks for their martinets. But in doing this, the Spirit must provide the courage, and the Scriptures must provide the definitions of justice.

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