Friday, 8 December 2017

Idiots All

Climate Change Orthodoxy Creates Perverse Blindness

Folk appear to be a bit "challenged" in South Australia.  Greenist politicians are dedicated to creating a robust electricity network which will comply with Global Warming orthodoxy, on the one hand, and which will deliver sound, stable, continuous electricity, on the other.  The state has suffered in recent years from massive power outages caused by what wags are calling Greenist Power Gridlock.  Its a terrible affliction.

It's not that South Australia cannot access or generate sufficient electricity if it chose to do so.  Rather, the electricity must be green.  It must be generated by technologies and methods which comply with Greenist orthodoxy.

One of the wacky-do "solutions" has seen South Australia commission a Gigantor Battery built and installed by Elon Musk of Tesla fame.  Musk's core business is not cars, but what is called colloquially Grant Farming.  He is super skilled at extracting funding and subsidies from fleeced taxpayers all over the world. 

One of our local bloggers (Aussie based) wrote:

After the state's disastrous power outages last year caused by over reliance on subsidized 'renewable energy,'  the lunatic Premier promised to fix the problem by installing a fifty million dollar battery facility, courtesy of one Melon Musk, the world's best extractor of gummint dollars.
The Tesla battery system in Jamestown was turned on today, as wild storms felled power lines.

The Tesla battery system in Jamestown was turned on today, as wild storms felled power lines.  With great fanfare, today the great battery was turned on.  Today, storms struck the area and power is now cut to a large area surrounding the complex.
The switch was flicked on.  The very day the much vaunted "world's largest battery" ostensibly future proofed the power grid in South Australia a storm struck.  Hey presto.  Power blackouts were the order of the day. 
Wild weather in South Australia has brought down power lines and triggered blackouts in the communities around the state’s Tesla battery on the day it was switched on.  Data from SA Power Networks has revealed 208 homes in areas around the battery will be without power until as late as 11pm tonight after wild weather and more than 250,000 lightning strikes overnight felled power lines and cut supply.

Parts of Jamestown, where the Tesla battery is located, and around a dozen surrounding communities including Hornsdale, Caltowie, Canowie Belt are without power, with the network operator putting the outages down to storm activity and equipment breakages.  The outages come as the Weatherill government flicked the switch on the world’s largest lithium-ion battery on Friday for the first time.

The $50 million battery which stores energy from the nearby Hornsdale wind farm has been billed as a stopgap for the state’s energy supply, and can power up to 30,000 homes for over an hour in the event of a major blackout.  A spokesman for the Premier told The Australian that the nature of the storm damage to the transmission lines meant that the battery wouldn’t be able to power homes because equipment needed to be repaired to reconnect the homes to the grid.  . . . .

The Elon Musk-designed battery forms the showpiece of the Weatherill government’s $550 million energy plan, which uses diesel generators alongside existing conventional coal-fire and gas power and the state’s wind and solar farms to keep the lights turned on.  [The Australian]
Global Warming orthodoxy has made South Australian politicians and officials dumber than a sackful of hammers. 

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