Wednesday, 13 December 2017

The Shouts of War

The sacramental host of God's elect is warring still on earth, Jesus Christ being the Captain of their salvation.  He has said, "Lo! I am with you alway, even to the end of the world." 

Hark to the shouts of war!  Now let the people of God stand fast in their ranks, and let no man's heart fail him.  It is true that just now in England the battle is turned against us, and unless the Lord Jesus shall lift his sword, we know not what may become of the church of God in this land; but let us be of good courage and play the man.

Charles H. Spurgeon (1866)

This warning and exhortation is as relevant today as when Spurgeon wrote it 150 years ago.  In fact the war of which Spurgeon speaks has not lessened; it has intensified.  Let us pray for our Lord of the hosts to lift his sword again, and again, and again.

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