Saturday, 21 January 2017

What a Gift!

Propagating Perpetual Self-Awareness

The season of Christmas and New Year has come and gone.  Usually about this time, folk think of it as something that happened months ago.  It's all forgotten, expunged from the memory banks by normal, daily routines.  

We, at ContraCelsum are deeply concerned as to the state of your gift haul.  Was it good?  Did it satiate your covetousness, etc.?  We generally thought our collective experience of Christmas and its attendant worship and celebration was a great blessing this year--a true Holy Day, as it were, particularly since this year, Christmas Day fell on the Sabbath.

But then, alas and alack, we discovered we have missed out on the best, neatest gift ever.  We hesitate to share this with all our readers, since it risks an explosion of discontent, which would not be nice.

But, truth is truth--and must be faced, however unpalatable.  So, what was the missing, coolest gift ever?

‘Check Your Privilege’ Cards Are This Holiday Season’s Best Gift

By Dayna Evans
NY Magazine

If you haven’t bought gifts for your loved ones this holiday season, here’s an idea: Instead of throwing away cash on hoverboards and cashmere scarves, have a “Check Your Privilege” card at the ready whenever they need a small reminder.  Fabiola Lara, who was behind our favorite holiday gift last year (a pregnant/not pregnant calendar dedicated to a woman’s right to choose), put together handy packs of ten cards for only $5. All proceeds will be donated to Atlas: DIY, a center for immigrant youth in Brooklyn, and while a cashmere scarf might keep your family member warm for a while, the gift of self-awareness is forever.
A little bit of self-righteous hectoring, coupled with a dessert of censorious ad-hominem, is just what every Christmas needs.  What?  You didn't receive this "Best Gift".  Don't you have any friends who want to see you dolling out the perpetual "gift of self-awareness"?

No?  What a wonderful reason to be thankful all over again.

This little gem from New York goes a long way to explaining why Donald Trump was elected President.

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