Friday, 27 January 2017

Abortion is only an Issue For Men--Apparently

Its Weird Down on the Funny-Farm

Last time we checked we confirmed a belief held over many years: abortion actually kills females.  Worse, because sex-selection is a powerful motive for securing and obtaining an abortion in countries such as China and India, an argument can be made that abortion actually targets female babies and that globally (since China and India are the most populous nations on earth) more females suffer abortifacient murder than males.

Now we are forced to conclude that secularists believe even worse things.  Not only does the average secularist happily embrace females being targeted for abortion--as part of an inchoate lust for killing babies--but also he or she believes that women are by far the deadlier of the species when it comes to such evils.
 Hence the explosion of outrage at there being no females present when US President Trump reinstated a long-standing prohibition of the use of federal funds to finance abortions around the world.  The implication was that only males are interested in protecting the lives of babies.  Apparently, no self-respecting woman would want anything to do with removing funding for baby killing.
Throughout his campaign, President Donald Trump made his feelings about abortion clear. And, three days after his inauguration, surrounded by a group of men, he reinstated the Mexico City Policy (also known as the Global Gag Rule), which prevents the use of American taxpayer money to fund international NGOs that perform abortions or offer abortion counselling.  Pictures of Trump signing the executive order show him surrounded by his new cabinet, which contains more white males than any administration since Ronald Reagan.  [NZ Herald]
Here is the offensive photo:

Clearly it implies that there are no women in this photo because women are the lead advocates for abortion and, as noted above, abortion kills more female babies than male.  How did it come to pass that females hate their sex so much?  How come it seems that only men are willing to stand up to protect female babies?

We wonder what this photo would have looked like if Carly Fiorina had won the Republican nomination and been elected to the presidency.  Would Fiorina, like Nefertiti of old, have worn a fake beard so as to retain the peculiar belief that killing babies is a fundamental human right of females and that abortion is somehow a woman's issue, and not an issue for all human beings, neither for men, but especially neither for female babies.

What a mad world we live in.

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