Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Gonna Be Entertaining

. . . He Drives Furiously  

[II Kings 9:20]

There is a memorable quotation in one of our favorite movies, A Few Good Men.  The Prosecutor is opening his case:
Now, Lt. Kaffee is gonna try to pull off a little magic act, he's gonna try a little misdirection. He's going to astonish you with stories of rituals and dazzle you with official sounding terms like Code Red. He might even cut into a few officers for you. He'll have no evidence, mind you, none. But it's gonna be entertaining. 
We find thus far that Donald Trump's presidency has been entertaining.  He can be a fact free bloviator.  He seems to relish being unmeasured, grandiose, and the Pontificator-in-Chief--particularly when it comes to speaking with the media.
 And it is driving them nuts--along with the Chattering Classes that follow in their train.  In many ways, he is just being like them.  They too have  long ago become "framers" of  reality, spinners, propagandists.  As in war, the first thing that is lost when media begin to opine is the truth.  Trump seems to relish acting like a reality TV star when talking with them.

But then come the reports that behind closed doors, out of the public eye, he has quite a different persona.  Who knows what's going on--but one thing is certain, the reports and retorts of the MSM in these matters are thoroughly unreliable.  Here is one example of an insouciant Trump needling the media:
President Trump was interviewed by David Muir of ABC News yesterday, and in a portion of the interview, Muir, obviously hoping to put the president on the defensive, asked him about the Women’s March last weekend. In response, President Trump brought up the the March for Life. Now, while while I firmly believe the president needs to develop some discernment and self-control with regard to spouting off about the size of, well, anything, kudos to him for bringing up the issue when confronting Muir about the lopsided media coverage between previous March for Life events and last weekend’s Women’s March:

[H/T Patterico]

Trump--whether he intends it or not--acts as a living parody of the media, all the while poking sticks at them, giving as good as he gets.  The media think they have got oodles of "gotcha" evidence, but Trump appears to cruise on, unfazed, and with relish, giveing as good as he gets, a counterpuncher extraordinaire.  And thus far, he is like teflon with the people.  We suspect that in part it is due to the low credibility with  which the media are held out in the heartland.

It's going to be entertaining.

Douglas Wilson has penned an instructive piece comparing Donald Trump to Jehu; its been a famous characteristic of Jehu that he was a furiously fast and reckless driver  [II Kings 9:20].  Watching Trump carve through the media like a mad charioteer is a spectacle to behold.

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