Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Masters of the Universe At Work

Waste of Precious Time

We posted several days ago a piece profiling the bucolic but asinine pedagogical theory operating in "state of the art" schools in the UK and New Zealand.  We embedded a video of a school in Auckland which was doing its level best to practise pupil-centric education, where the pupil decided what, when, and how they would be taught, as in:
Adult Facilitator (aka, Teacher): "What would you like to do today, O masters of the universe?"

Pupil: "I want to play electronic games"

Second Pupil: "I want to make some cookies."

Adult Facilitator: "Wonderful.  It's so exciting to come to school to share in your wonderful creative instincts. Now, let's talk about how we can study these things today.  Any ideas?"
Just in case you thought that this Auckland school was an weird outlier, think again.
  A reader sent through another promo vid. extolling the bucolic virtues of a cutting edge South Island school where "pupils" are put in control of their own education.  And let us not forget the professional experts believe and proclaim that this way of learning is vastly superior to anything previously seen by the human race.


Our humble advice to any parents whose children may be enrolled in such schools--get them out as soon as you can.  Get them into a school where the teachers and administrators are arrogant enough to believe that it is important that pupils learn "times tables" and how to spell "pedagogy".

Time passes so swiftly and every day is important. 

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