Friday, 9 October 2015

Echoing An Empty Mantra

A Hollow Man Speaks

Some times when "everybody" is repeating a mantra, it gets difficult to continue to remain sceptical.  After all, repetition of a claim carries authority, provided one assumes the repeaters are both self-sceptical, and truth-tellers.

In the case of alleged global warming, all those folk repeating the claim as if it were a certainty can't be wrong.  There must be something in it.  To suggest that it is all myth, empty vanity, propagated by the platitudes of hollow men implies extra-ordinary hubris and cant on the part of the nay-sayers.  That is, until you observe the empty vanity and the endless platitudes of hollow men in action.

Senator Ted Cruz examined the claims of the President of the Sierra Club who asserted that the world is warming, toasting, cooking etc. etc.  Phrases like "skewered", "hung out to dry", "mindless vacuity", all seem apt.  Watch the inquisition below:

The President is reduced to mindless mantra chanting in a vain attempt to evade the issues and challenges.  And, of course, the claim that "97 percent of scientists" believe in global warming is itself a bogus, made up statistic.  Typical of the entire "industry".

H/T: Patterico

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