Tuesday, 23 September 2014

New Zealand's "Interesting" Election

Crypto-Anarchists and Easy Dupes

This election season in New Zealand has been historic, unlike any previous election.  It had been distorted by a multi-millionaire German seeking to take control of the national political process to benefit his own voluminous pockets and to keep himself from incarceration in the United States.  We have not seen the like in New Zealand since Baron d'Thierry came to Hokianga in late 1837 on the Nimrod attempting to start a French colonial outpost in the face of British interests.  Herr Kim Dotcom is a latter day Baron d'Thierry, equally megalomaniacal.

And then we have had the hard left joining Dotcom in a madcap party which has combined capitalists in their most greedy, exploitative, and egregious manifestation with weird Maori and hard-left radicals deeply into Marxist ideology.  The chutzpah of the constituent  elements of this new Potemkin party has been breathtaking.  Their followers consist of the duped, the desperate, and the gullible. 

And, not to be outdone, we have had the hacking of a privately owned website and the theft of thousands of e-mails and private communications, followed by a breathless book authored by New Zealand's leading conspiracist once again publishing stolen information.  The book, Dirty Politics has the author's normal new-maths fingerprints all over it.  In Nicky Hager's world two plus two makes seventy-five.

Most of the media have been agog and aghast, unable to calm their febrile pens and stuttering tongues for a moment so as to make sense of it all.  Except for one or two scribblers.  Fran O'Sullivan, writing just before the election, had this to say:
John Key goes into the home straight of the election campaign with his integrity publicly intact after the Kim Dotcom fiasco and voters well placed to make a judgment when it comes to the Key Government's management of the NZ economy.  Key has been roundly attacked for declassifying documents to prove his point that the GCSB has not been involved in widespread surveillance of New Zealanders.

Bizarrely, it is somehow seen as perfectly all right for Dotcom and his associates to use stolen National Security Agency files to try to prove the Prime Minister a liar on how his Government has administered national security, but not for Key to declassify New Zealand's own files to prove he isn't a liar.

This is utter madness.
There is a common thread that links all these parties together--the corrupt capitalist, Dotcom, the Maori Marxists, and the sanctimonious conspiracist, Hager.  All hold in common the principle that theft is morally justifiable if it is for the "greater good".  Moreover, they believe they personify the "greater good".  Funny that.  Clearly, Dotcom has relished the theft of private emails, and, therefore, is complicit in the deed.  His "greater good" was to bring down the government and supplant it with one malleable to his attempts to avoid extradition to the US to face criminal charges.  Nicky Hager has not just relished the theft but has been even more complicit in the crime. He baldly asserts that his complicity in theft is entirely justifiable because he believes he is exposing the evils of government.  The "greater good", as defined and interpreted by Hager, makes his theft righteous, but the government's theft of private information (aka, spying) is utterly wicked--in Hager's strange world.  Hager righteous; government wicked. Hager is, therefore, justified in doing evil that his particular and peculiar version of "the good" may come.

The Maori radical Marxists would do anything to bring down every government until they can, themselves govern.  Like Dotcom and Hager, their "greater good" is themselves.

All this brings us to the common thread.  They are all crypto-anarchists.  They have a common interest and desire to dismember the present state apparatus in New Zealand.  They all desire to set up their own version of a puppet state that would serve their own interests--which they believe, without question, to be everyone else's greater good.  Their "greater good" is the same "greater good" that justified the deaths and dismemberment of millions upon millions in the previous century.  They alike relish thievery to achieve their narcissistic goals.  They do evil, that their version of good may come. 

And the media, the editors, the reporters that rubbed their hands with glee and participated in the evils, thereby, aiding and abetting them--they are just one small step removed from the crypto-anarchists.  They are the "useful idiots", as Lenin used to call them.  Dumb and dumber.  Easy tools.  Self-righteous, sanctimonious fools who are unable to separate the "greater good" from their own commercial self-interest.  Easy dupes in the hands of crypto-anarchists, who are long experienced in the dark arts.

Ironically, it has been the ordinary joes, the voters, who have been entirely unimpressed.  It seems that from the start they have been able to discern amongst the participants who were the good, the bad, and the ugly. Their voice was heard loudly and emphatically on election day.  Lincoln's axiom was once again evident and at work: you can fool all of the people some of the time; some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all of the time. 

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