Saturday, 20 September 2014

A Disease of the Soul

Universal Acid of Resentment

The leftist mindset is fixated over money.  The origins of this addiction can be traced back to Marx's materialistic belief that capital (i.e. money/wealth) ruled the world.  The oft-leaned upon excuse for leftist electoral failure is that "lesser-leftist" politicians have lots of money and they effectively steal elections by paying for the manipulation of the electorate, and, to compound the problem, the genuinely-leftist parties do not have sufficient money to spend and manipulate the electorate to keep pace.  So the competition is unfair from the get-go.

The lack of money is the leftist's stock-in-trade excuse for electoral failure.  Given the vaguest chance that someone might provide some money, the leftist politician will be like a rat up a drainpipe.  When multi-millionaire German, Kim Dotcom arrived on the shores of New Zealand it became immediately obvious that he intended to use his millions "earned" through the Mega file sharing website to buy himself some influence.

Kim Dotcom during the press conference that followed his "Moment of Truth". Photo / NZ Herald
Kim Dotcom during the press conference that followed his "Moment of Truth". Photo / NZ Herald

He played the part of an unscrupulous, venal, self-seeking capitalist with more realism and panache than a Hollywoood A-lister.  He initially contributed to the campaign of right-winger, John Banks for the Auckland mayoralty.  When Banks failed to support him in his skirmishes with the law, Dotcom turned on Banks like a vengeful Fury.

The Left screamed "dirty politics".  But, true to form and type, they then began to form their own line-up outside the door of Dotcom's mansion.  Every one of them had their caps out.
  They were looking for the ace-in-the hole which would provide electoral success.  Money.  Tons of it.  After the leftists had walked the catwalk in front of Dotcom's leering visage, he settled his money on a new party of his own creation.  It was a strange composite creature.  Dotcom thought, and the Left thought, that by bestowing millions of dollars upon his creation, electoratal success would inevitably follow.  Once again, it has failed miserably.  The crass materialism of leftism has been unable to deliver the goods.

For the Left, Dotcom has been a kind of Cargo Cult figure.  When it is all over, Dotcom will most likely be extradited to the United States to face charges of theft.  He will likely disappear into the US federal prison system.  But we expect that the bankrupt materialism of the Left will remain firmly in place.  Leftists will not have learned any lessons whatsoever.  They will maintain the herd-belief of the Borg that all of life is determined by money and property and who has more of it.  They will continue to put the Left's  electoral failure down to not having enough of the folding stuff.  They will continue to despise their political opponents for being "rich", and ipso facto, evil.  The Left will continue to gnaw upon its own resentful bones, in the dark.

Christians will never be fooled by such idolatry.  Christians will never be fooled by materialism and its present political manifestations of Marxism and socialism.  Christians worship King Jesus-- King of all kings (Matthew 28:18).  Christians are merry warriors, exuberantly doing good to all men, but especially those of the household of faith (Galatians 6:10).  Christians are content if they can have food and clothing and shelter (I Timothy 6:8).  Christians, the Church, and Christian organisations always have just the right amount of cash to do what the Lord intends them to do, for He owns the cattle on a thousand hills, and all the earth is His (Psalm 50:10).  Christians are bondslaves of the Lord--and are therefore free men and free women and free children.  Truly free.

Who would be a secular Leftist?  It's a universal acid of resentment which eats everything away, including the soul. 

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