Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Feminista Cooking

Eggs Must Be Broken

We have pointed our previously on this blog that feminist movement leaders are more fundamentally committed to Marxist revolutionary ideology than they are to actual women.  According to this pernicious and perverted world-view women are just one target in a vast conspiracy against the poor and oppressed.  Feminist ideology calls for the dismantling of all the oppressive power structures that exploit others around the globe.  If killing a few women, as part of the revolutionary overthrow of the oppressors, happens to occur--as collateral damage--it is the necessary, inevitable, and good outcome of the global revolution.

Here is the latest example of perverse feminist ideology.  Some bright sparks have invented a colour changing nail polish as a defence against date-rape--the practice of spiking the drinks of females to facilitate their being overpowered and raped later.  This from the NZ Herald:
A simple coat of nail polish could soon prevent Kiwi women from falling victim to date rape.  Four United States students have created a nail polish that changes colour when exposed to date rape drugs, and support for the product is growing in New Zealand. . . .

The official Facebook page explains: "With our nail polish, any woman will be empowered to discreetly ensure her safety by simply stirring her drink with her finger. If her nail polish changes colour, she'll know that something is wrong."  Aucklander Terry Vercoe, a father of five including two daughters aged 13 and 15, thought the nail polish was a great invention.
To the discombobulation of most reasonable folk, this revolutionary nail polish is being excoriated by some feminist leaders.
A group of college students have invented a nail polish that changes color if it comes into contact with date-rape drugs. Many see it as a useful invention because it might help women protect themselves, but, of course, some say anything that might help women protect themselves is actually offensive to women because that promotes rape culture.

 “Women are already expected to work hard to prevent themselves from becoming the victims of sexual assault,” an article in ThinkProgress argues. “Now, remembering to put on anti-rape nail polish and discretely slip a finger into each drink might be added to that ever-growing checklist — something that actually reinforces a pervasive rape culture in our society.”

Some opponents were outright angry at the invention. “I don’t want to f[***]ing test my drink when I’m at the bar,” said Rebecca Nagle, one of the co-directors of an activist group called FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture. “That’s not the world I want to live in.”
Note the oft-seen characteristic of most Marxist orientated intellectual types: the power structures of society are what matter ("pervasive rape culture"); individual women don't.  It's oppressed classes, enslaved by the power structures of society, not actual women that matter.

In Rotherham in the UK, a real rape culture has existed where 1400 young people have been preyed upon by a criminal Pakistani gang--a rape culture aided, abetted, and indirectly facilitated by the authorities, including the police.
Released Tuesday, August 26, the “Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham,” commissioned by Rotherham’s Metropolitan Borough Council, details sexual abuse, including sex trafficking and gang rape, perpetrated over nearly two decades by older men against children in Rotherham. News outlets have released horrifying supplementary details. The U.K. Mirror, for instance, reports that “Emma,” a Rotherham-area girl, was raped once a week beginning when she was 13 years old. When she provided to police the names of 250 men she claimed had raped her, police ignored her. Hundreds, if not thousands, of girls in Rotherham and throughout England probably experienced the same.

In Rotherham there is a real-life “rape culture.” But you will not learn anything new about it from Salon, the Daily Beast, Jezebel, or Slate. It has gone unmentioned at Feministing, Bitch Media, or the Feminist Majority Foundation. There have been no outraged op-eds from Jenny Kutner, Jessica Valenti, or Samantha Leigh Allen.

These are, apparently, not the rapes they are looking for.

It is hard not to interpret the feminist blogosphere’s silence on Rotherham as an indication of the movement’s ultimate lack of seriousness. Perhaps they are not interested in confronting the ethnic and religious homogeneity of many of the perpetrators: Emma and the majority of the 1,400 victims were abused by “Asian” men — i.e., Muslim men typically from Rotherham’s Pakistani community. Local government leaders, social services, and law enforcement — for fear of being labeled racist — ignored numerous reports they received.

Or perhaps the rapes of young girls overseas are of no particular interest. The victims were, after all, often in and out of government housing, truant or absent from school, and sometimes around domestic violence. Many had gone serially missing. They are not the upper-class types likely to fall victim to sexist fraternity pranks. They are not prospective Salon readers.

Or perhaps rape culture is just much more palatable a subject when it does not involve, you know, actual rape.

As the examples of “rape culture” above suggest, for far too many self-proclaimed feminists, real violence against women is rarely the most pressing concern. Much like Al Sharpton and the racial-grievance industry, activists who are perpetually worked up about “rape culture” are much less interested in the realities of women’s situation (in which, contra The Rape of Lucrece, most men are not Tarquin and, with access to mace and concealed-carry permits, most women are not Lucrece) than in perpetuating an atmosphere of mistrust and fear.

Is it possible, then, that after years of tying “rape” to Disney films and fantasy video games, these feminists are at a loss for words when confronted with the real thing? And we’re talking about not just one rape but thousands of them, committed against girls as young as eleven, over a period of many years, with the full knowledge of many social workers and other complicit authorities. When a glut of horrifying crimes against women is revealed, feminist talking heads do not have the moral seriousness required to confront it.  In the end, it’s just a whole lot easier to talk about nail polish.
We believe there could well be another reason for this cacophony of silence from the feminista brigade.  The predatory Pakistani young men of Rotherham, the literal enslavement of women by jihadi Islamics in Iraq and Syria, and the depredations of Nigerian female students at the hands of Boko Haram--these are all merely collateral damage as the oppressed rise up against the monied power structures, ultimately controlled by bankers and Jews.

You can't have an omelette without breaking eggs.  If some of the eggs just happen to be women and their unborn children, too bad.  "For the greater good", and all that. 

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