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Industrialised Crime Meets Multi-Cultural Self-Loathing

Let God Arise

A retired senior policewoman involved in the Rotherham crime scandal in the UK has gone public, exposing more of the terrible state of affairs which permissively tolerated the rape and slavery of thousands of young girls.  Yes, this is the UK we are speaking about.  (A couple of pieces addressing this evil can be found here, and here.)

There are two main points which come out of this new piece.  The first is the potential of police targeting to be perverted by venal, time-serving, careerist police bureaucrats.  The second point she makes reinforces one already made in the media--that is, the terrible fruits of political correctness and the political and social ideology multi-culturalism.  In this light, the worst thing we could do is shrug our shoulders at the outrage and conclude that Rotherham is an extreme outlier, not an avatar of a perverse trend. 

Firstly, the background:

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday, retired Detective Inspector Merial Buglass said she had had “many sleepless nights” knowing that the abuse was ongoing but lacking permission from her superiors to investigate further. . . .

In April 2010, whilst in her role as head of Rochdale Police's public protection unit, Ms Buglass compiled a report detailing how predominantly white children, some as young as 12, were being groomed by gangs of Asian men as sex-slaves, and were violently abused. It has since emerged that some of the girls who were attacked in Rochdale between 1997 and 2013 were murdered at the hands of the men. The report included the details of 35 children, ten perpetrators and a further 40 suspects, and contained a plea for more resources to be granted to further investigate the heinous crimes.
It transpired that these crimes were not top of the priority list for Rochdale Police at the time.  Other, less severe, crimes were.  Police had become fixated with burnishing their crime fighting statistics.  Property crimes were believed to provide the biggest bang for their bucks.  It was relatively low-hanging fruit. Rape and murder took up too many resources, the cases were too complex, results were hard to come by.  

We believe that police targeting is an unavoidable necessity and can be extremely effective when administered by senior police officers with a dedicated and proven passion to fight, detect, and prosecute crime, rather than burnish their cv's with falling crime statistics.  An organisation which is unable to focus its resources becomes wretchedly inefficient.  But, targeting can be a double edged sword in the wrong hands.  Far too often the "wrong hands" are senior police officers who have long ago left the front line for lard accumulating desk jobs which amount to little more than an endless cycle of "management meetings".   Undue political pressure to "get results" for reason of making the politicians look good is also usually a major factor.
The force claims that it came under pressure from the Home Office five years ago to cut acquisitive crimes such as car theft and burglary, although the targets were removed in 2012.
 The second problem is the evil consequences of the ideology of multi-culturalism and its "attendant lord", political correctness.
“Management appeared not to be interested, they were only interested in targets, it was a completely target-driven culture,” she said. “The main priorities were acquisitive crime – robbery, burglary and car theft. Money was being piled into [the investigation of] these crimes.  They didn’t want to class the abuse as Asian [Pakistani] on white girls. They didn’t want to cause a fuss. I took the view that this wasn’t about racism, it was about child abuse – but political correctness and cultural sensitivities were important to management.”
The ideology of multi-culturalism  elevates racism into the list cardinal sins, more important than murder and rape.  If police arrest a black person or focus on offending by a group which just happens to be Pakistani or Indian, the multi-culturalists and political correctors cry, "racism".  Sadly, the police do not appear to have the corporate moral fibre to confront this slur head on and shame everyone who voices it.  Possibly it may be due to the police being guilty of actual racism in the past.  The upshot, however, is that organised crime in non-white communities gets an easy pass.
The day after the report was filed, Buglass met with Superintendent Martin Greenhalgh. During the meeting, she alleges he essentially told her “If I choose to investigate it, we will,” and that she replied “This is huge, there are massive threats and it will come back to bite us if you don't do something!”
The response of the multi-culturalist infected police has been to say, yes, mistakes were made, but they are in the past.  We are no longer what we once were. But others reject that:
Commenting on the scandal, Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk said “The scandal of how police and other agencies failed children being raped on an industrial scale is getting worse every week. Police leadership have completely lost touch with ordinary people’s values.”  In 2012, nine men from Oldham and Rochdale were convicted of running a child sexual exploitation ring and were sentenced to between four and 19 years for their parts in the crimes. However, it is now clear that many responsible have still not be brought to justice. 

The police now say that they are planning to arrest hundreds of suspects in a “day of reckoning.”
Ms Buglass told reporters “I had many sleepless nights over this. We tried our best but the fact is the police failed those girls. I could not have been more vocal about the threats and risks... but I was appalled at the response.”
The idea that all cultures are equally valid and good, and that political correctors and multi-cultuaralists decry anyone who makes well reasoned distinctions between the good and bad in cultures, bears rotting fruit.  As always, it is the most vulnerable and easily preyed upon that suffer.

There are two tap-roots of these evils.  The first is a pervasive doubt and uncertainty about one's own culture that verges on self-loathing.  Stripped from a Christian foundation, modern secularism predominantly sees the cultural values of the West as a factory of evil.   It is so consumed with the huge log of doubt and uncertainty in its own eye that it knows itself to be myopic and blinded--and hating itself all the while.

The second tap-root is like it: the self-loathing leads to a militant demand that no criticism should be made of other cultures and their values and traditions. Thou shalt affirm all cultures and their values and deny none.  Behold the wondrous works of postmodernism.

When these two tap roots become institutionalised to the extent that they shape the classrooms, the community authorities, the universities, the police, the law courts, the media, the churches, and the Parliament  then evil itself becomes institutionalised and "industrialised" whilst the community becomes riven with double standards and a wretched "hear no evil, speak no evil" cowardice.

May the Lord Jesus arise to break the arms of predatory Pakistani gangs and extend mercy and compassion to the young girls preyed upon by such evil men.  May the blood of those murdered children and young women cry out to Him from the ground.  May the respective UK authorities humble themselves in the dust before Him.

God shall arise, his enemies shall be scattered;
and those who hate him shall flee before him! . . .
Father of the fatherless and protector of widows
is God in his holy habitation.
(Psalm 68: 1, 5)

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