Thursday, 8 August 2019

Hopefully A Light At the End of a Long, Dark Tunnel

Update on Peter Ellis Case

Update #1:

Reporter/commentator Martin van Beynen  has written a comprehensive summary of the trial of Peter Ellis, and its aftermath.  It has been published in Stuff.  Ellis, readers will recall, is suffering from terminal cancer.  He has made one more, final appeal to the Supreme Court to have his conviction for the sexual abuse of children overturned.  The Supreme Court has ruled that it will accept the appeal and will re-consider the case.  This is a huge step forward.

Van Beynen's piece is long but a must-read.  We commend it to our readers.

Update #2: 

Blogger and commentator David Farrar has written a commentary on Van Beynen's piece, entitled "More On Ellis Case".  It is a much shorter read, but the theme is the same: a gross miscarriage of justice has occurred in the case of Peter Ellis.  Farrar concludes: 
I’m hopeful but not optimistic about the Supreme Court. An appellate is restricted in what it can do. It can’t just substitute its opinion. It has to find grounds for a miscarriage which haven’t already been considered. Hopefully they will.

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