Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Luther's Clarion Call

"Here I Stand . . . I Can Do No Other"

When churches and denominations die, it is a terrible thing to witness.  When churches or institutions which once had been faithful to God and His Son turn away and embrace Unbelief it is a tragedy.

But it also represents grave danger.  Those we once trusted and depended upon have developed patterns of speech which roughly resemble a serpent's hiss.  It is yet another instance of Saruman turning to Sauron, of Isengard to Mordor.

First, here is a warning from Douglas Wilson:
I would urge everyone who cares about the Church standing faithfully in the central assault against us being made in our time to go and read this article. If we want to continue to stand faithfully, we must have a full understanding of the ways in which we tend to fall unfaithfully. When we stumble, how do we do it?  This is happening to the PCA, [Presbyterian Church of America] today, and it is unfolding in real time. If you love the truth, then read the article.
Secondly, let us consider the implications.  We in New Zealand have long seen and experienced the death rattles of churches and denominations once faithful to God and His Son.  We would be foolish to think that such unfaithfulness as reflected in the article could and would not re-occur in "God's Own". 

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