Monday, 9 July 2018

When All Else Fails . . .

Temper Tantrums

It appears that the Left these days has lost its credibility.  It seems as though any action, any words, any opposition immediately calls down the Left's dreaded indictment: Racist!

Nowhere does this appear more the case than in the United States.  The Left cannot seem to get through a twenty-four hour news cycle without shouting "Racist" at someone, or some thing or other.  "Racism" would appear to be the unforgivable sin.  Once hurled at an opponent there is nothing more to do or say.  It's all over, Rover.  The accusation is the verbal equivalent of taking careful aim and fatally shooting someone.

Take the matter of immigration rules, regulations, and policies.
  We hold the view that if a nation cannot control its own borders, its sovereignty is thereby--at least to some extent--voided.  But these days if one dares to put forward that proposition he or she risks being called out as racist.  It's no great matter, since we will keep on saying what we believe to be true.  But the chance of reasonable discourse with opponents from the Left has long gone.

The Left screeches daily that President Trump's immigration policies and the policing of the nations borders are racist.  That's it, then.  No further argument, evidence, or reason is required.  It's deeply ironic that Trump's immigration policies are not that far removed from those of  his predecessor, Obama.  Clearly, however, Obama was not racist.  Trump is.  So, the Left can hug Obama--actually begging him to run again because there ain't nobody else.  And in the same breath it can imprecate all kinds of evils upon Trump because his policies are Racist! despite those policies imitating those of the Great Obama.

Using this kind of invective New Zealand would have to qualify as one of the most racist countries in the world.  Our borders are strictly controlled.  Sure, migrants can enter; they can even live as non-citizens in this country forever, enjoying the complete package of human rights and privileges, except they cannot vote.  But, getting in is controlled.  This is not to say that there are no "illegals" living in New Zealand.  There are.  But if and when they come to the attention of the authorities, they fairly quickly end up in the pokey and are deported soon thereafter.

In other words, New Zealand is applying roughly the same kind of immigration policies that Trump is seeking to apply in the United States.  Yet no-one in New Zealand thinks that such careful control upon migrants and immigration is racist.  Well, it's possible that a few Left-wing folk might, but Down Under no-one takes them too seriously.

It is sad that the Left in the United States appears so bereft of reasonable argumentation to put its case forward that it resorts to incoherent irrelevancies like branding their opponents as "Racists!"

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