Friday, 13 July 2018

An Abuse of Power By the Insecure

A Man Unworthy of the Office He Holds

Phil Goff has never been on our list of favorite politicians.  Now, as Mayor of New Zealand's largest city he appears to be running out of loyal allies.  His latest pretentious absurdity is to rule ex cathedra that city council buildings and public venues must not be used for anyone expressing views to which our insecure, autocratic mayor objects.  

A couple of twenty-something Canadians were due to come to New Zealand to set forth their presentation of what is wrong with the world.  Whilst we profess ignorance of their views and precepts, we are certain that they do not carry grenades in their pockets, nor Uzi's in their luggage.  Nevertheless, they have been branded as "right wing extremists".

No Right Turn, a leftist blog, is not impressed with attempts to prevent the pair speaking.
Unfortunately, being insulted is just something people have to put up with in a free and democratic society, and our Supreme Court is on record (in Brooker v Police) as saying so. We have a right to freedom of speech in New Zealand, which covers not just the right of these racists to speak, but also the right of their racist audience to listen. Restricting that right pre-emptively requires a very high test: basicly an announced intention on the part of the speaker to incite a riot. If that test isn’t met, there’s no justifiable reason to prevent them from speaking. And as I’ve said in other cases, the answer to speech you don’t like is more speech, not less. If they’re giving a speech, then protest outside, and make it damn clear to everyone that kiwis don’t agree with their racism and Islamophobia.
Up steps the virtue-exuding Auckland Mayor, Phil Goff.
 A public talk by two controversial Canadians accused of hate speech has been cancelled after Auckland's mayor Phil Goff banned them from all council venues.

Lauren Southern.Canadian conservative and libertarian activist Lauren Southern are planning to visit Auckland next month for talks.   Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux, who are best known for their far-right alternative views on everything from feminism, gender and immigration to Islam, were set to perform at the Bruce Mason Centre on 3 August.

However, Auckland Mayor Phil Goff tweeted that venues should not be used to stir up ethnic or religious tensions and that Ms Southern and Mr Molyneux would not be speaking at any council venues.

Auckland Live which runs the centre as well as the Auckland Town Hall, Aotea Centre and Civic Centre, tweeted the event had been cancelled because of security concerns.  The event organiser said the decision was disappointing and a blow for democracy.  David Pellowe from Axoimatic said Mr Goff had the wrong idea about what the pair wanted to talk about.  "He's misrepresented the purpose of the events as to stir up ethnic and religious tensions. He's misrepresented them as views that divide rather than unite," he said.  "It's very sad for democracy and for debate."  [Radio NZ]
What this represents to our mind is the fundamental insecurity of Mayor Goff and those for whom he is acting as patron.  What a bunch of pansies.  Goff and his cohort have brought shame upon  themselves.  Ironically, he is guilty of stirring up ethnic and religious tensions all by himself.

He should be banned, non? 

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