Saturday, 21 October 2017

The Grand Volte-Face

Suddenly It's Not the Gummint's Fault

The "new" New Zealand government is just a day or so old and already we are finding ourselves laughing at the coalition of losers.  (Actually, that's an apt phrase to represent the ersatz mob of cobblers now purporting to govern the country.)

Winston Peters has spoken in apocalyptic terms of the devastation under which our country allegedly labours.  He has presented himself as the Saviour.  He has tossed out a thousand policies (elsewhere known as whisky befuddled brainwaves) to prevent the alleged looming apocalypse.  He stood forth as the proud man with the mantle of "National Saviour".  He won seven percent of the vote in our recent general election.  Yes, you read that right. Just seven percent.

Now he will be the de facto Prime Minister, our Machiavelli behind the throne as it were.
  But he is already making excuses for his self-anticipated failure and non-performance.   This, from the NZ Herald:
If last night was day one of the government - then we are all in trouble.  Winston Peters opens with a dissertation on how the world is coming to an end, and it won't be the new government's fault. [NZ Herald]
The great problem facing statists--and Peters is one--is whom to blame when the state fails.  He anticipates failure--his own--and is already explaining why it will not be his fault.  A humbug of political chicanery.

Incidentally, whilst making this announcement to the nation, his breathing appeared heavy and strained.   Maybe this just reflects the strain of the last two weeks in putting together the Coalition of Losers, or maybe it is indicative of something more serious. 

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