Thursday, 19 October 2017

Douglas Wilson's Letter From Moscow (About Catechisms)

The Rats of Moria

Douglas Wilson

You cannot successfully deny in real time what you robustly affirm in the catechism.

For the Christian, because his basic catechetical truths are noble and upright (about how we are supposed to live), the gap between his profession and experience is uphill. Hypocrisy is naturally an embarrassment because it represents a failure to attain.

But because the catechetical truths affirmed by the sexual revolution are suspended over a great abyss, like Wil E Coyote holding an anvil, their hypocrisy problem is entirely different. Their catechism affirms that obedience to every random sexual impulse will be totally great, self-actualizing, fulfilling, natural, life-affirming, and helpful in the process of self-discovery. You know—as the eager ego goes spelunking down in the caverns of chthonic desire, in order to search out the wonders and complexities of orgasmic genderlusts. But it turns out the Rats of Moria live down there.

And so this explains the reaction to the revelations about Harvey Weinstein. Anybody who knows anything about the septic system of Hollywood knows that he was living in fulfillment of the catechism. They have these great massive pumps so that they can have the septic tanks installed at the very highest levels, up where the top talents and power producers live.

So the problem was not that he failed to live up to a high and lofty standard. The problem was that obedience to the catechism is a lot creepier in real life than was promised by the catechism.
As it plays out, their paradise looks less like a seraglio of celestial houris fashioned out of musk, and more like a seedy boarding house run by a dirty old man, and with all the exits nailed shut. And it smells like urine, not ambrosia.

Hollywood, California is a great flat rock that cannot really afford to be turned over. These Weinstein revelations may be the beginning of it, or it may have to wait for another tipping point scandal. But whenever it happens, and the grotesque revelations all come tumbling out, it will make the horrendous Catholic-Church-scandals look like white bread toast, with a small pat of butter. And the revelations will not be about the fact of immorality—they print that part in the catechism—but rather about the seediness and misery of it. That’s not in the catechism.

But God is not mocked, the apostle says, and a man reaps what he sows. Moreover, he reaps what he sows in accordance with the laws of agriculture that are operative in the world God made, the actual world, what used to be called the real world, and not the made-up world his catechism promised to him.

In that day, there is one other thing that will make us all reject this left coast Sodom-by-the-Sea with loathing. It will not just be the licentiousness. It will not just be the fact that the licentiousness was self-consciously demented. No, this will all be coupled with the fact that these are the very same people who would relentlessly lecture us about our moral deficiencies. These are the people who were most concerned about the sexism and misogyny of fly-over country. Actresses and starlets would appear with Harvey Weinstein and Bill Clinton at gala events so that some mechanic in Oklahoma, faithfully married to one woman for thirty years, could be lectured about his inadequate support for women’s rights. This is because the unenlightened mechanic didn’t have any of his offspring killed, didn’t have any of their pieces shopped around for sale, and his wife didn’t fly off to Washington to march in the big Gynecology Pink Hat March. What a cornpone.

Look at the ruling elites of our generation, with all of their supposed virtues, painted on like an attenuated whitewash. This includes the media and entertainment elites. It is all a sham, all of it. They are riddled with leprous lusts, all the way down. It cannot last. This cannot stand. To use one of the words from their catechism, it is not sustainable.

Because it is so transparently obvious that Epic Failure is a cosmic necessity, this is why I would invite more Christians to cheerfully detach themselves from this failed project. This may seem cryptic to some, but there is at the present time one thing needful. Many more Christians need to hoist the Jolly Roger.

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