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Androgynous Drones: Sweden's Inhumanity to Man, Part II

Going Solo

In the nineteen sixties, the Swedish regime decided that it would move rapidly to create the New Model Man, Sweden style.  It sought to achieve a rebuilding of society upon Marxist lines, without resorting to Mao's dictum that power grows out of the barrel of a gun.  Its new society was to be accomplished indirectly, by making each citizen depend more and more on the State and its regimes.

One critical objective was to deconstruct and dismantle the institution of the family.  In this grand endeavour, Sweden's regime has been remarkably successful.  The regime's first target was the push women into the workforce--a goal which was achieved by taxation policies that made it far more profitable to have women leave homes and enter the work force.  The regime also punished employers who would not co-operate in meeting hiring quotas for females by predatory fines.  Today, 91 percent of Swedish women between 25 and 54 are employed in the work force.  Behold the New Model Androgynous Humanity.

The Swedish state opened up an additional front.  It systematically began to remove any special distinction or status attached to marriage and family.  The objective was to make marriage and family a minority lifestyle--a vestige of a former faded primitive time.

. . . the state taught Swedes that marriage is just another lifestyle.  Swedish sex education, compulsory since 1956, teaches that the sexual urge is to be satisfied like any other and that to limit its satisfaction to marriage is wrong, period.  The state teaches sexual technique, encourages sex at will, and provided free contraceptives and abortion.  State schools exalt sexual uninhibitedness as the vital proof of personal independence (about the only kind of independence celebrated in the land of social constraint) and of equality between men and women.  This is very popular, especially with men. [Angelo Codevilla, The Character of Nations: How Politics Makes and Breaks Prosperity, Family, and Civility (New York: Basic Books, 1997), p. 168.]
Now, of course, Sweden has one of the highest rape rates in the world.  Well, strike me down with a feather.  Who would have foreseen that coming? No wonder Sweden has become a land of milk and honey for randy, young male migrants out of Africa and the Middle East.  But we digress.
Far from countenancing social disapproval for out-of-wedlock pregnancy, the state offers more support to unmarried mothers than to married ones.  Like everyone else, they receive greater allowances for each successive child.  But unlike married mothers, they also get preferential housing allowances, welfare allowances and fully subsidized child care.  Not surprisingly Sweden has the world's lowest marriages rares, one-half of births are now out of wedlock, and one-half of marriages end in divorce. [Ibid.]
The West largely views Sweden as the New Model Society, and Swedes as the New Model Androgynous Human.  In New Zealand a recent Prime Minister openly acknowledged Sweden as the template upon which she wanted (and significantly succeeded) New Zealand to be remade.  Most Western regimes secretly wish they could move their charges and nations to be more "like the Swedes".  It was socialism without bloodshed.  It was the future of the human race.  It represented the New Model Human taking control of his/her/its destiny.  It represented the very acme of a free society within the paradigm of atheistic secularism.

But, like Pandora's little box, once the lid is lifted, the demons come forth.  Completely unforeseen wickedness breaks out, leaving the authorities mumbling, "That's not it.  That's not what we meant at all."  Now it is not just marriage that is old hat, and out of favour.  Now cohabiting is "oh-so-last century".
Since the Swedish state  also keeps statistics on the behavior of cohabiting couples, it takes note of the fact that they split three times as often as do divorce-prone Swedish married couples.   In other words, even cohabitation is losing ground to the dominant lifestyle--casual contact.  Perhaps the most significant demographic fact in Sweden is that as of 1980, one third of all Swedish households were composed of just one person and in progressive Stockholm, 63 percent of inhabitants lives alone.  What family?  [Ibid.]
In 2012, the Guardian was reporting that Sweden has the highest rate of "solo dwellers" in the world.  Forty-seven percent of adults were in that state.  Swedish society is increasingly made up of atomised, isolated individuals under the tender care and embrace of the Regime.  For many, the state has completely replaced the family.  This is the New Model Androgynous Man.  The full effects of this folly will show up for generations to come.  Becoming the rape capital of Europe is just one of them.

It's well past time for the Church to recognise Sweden as one of the most benighted countries in the world and make it a priority for sending Christian missionaries there.

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