Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Androgynous Drones: Sweden's Inhumanity to Man, Part I

Forced Labour By Whip and Bribe

Sweden is a magnet for rape and rapists.  Why?  Because it is a society where the family has been systematically weakened and even destroyed by purposeful design.  By intent, the State has replaced the family.  All sorts of unintended, disastrous consequences have followed and will follow.  One is that Sweden has the highest rate of rape in Europe--in fact, the highest rate of all Western nations.

Whilst the nation had toyed with the ideas of achieving a similar destruction of the family as was occurring in Soviet Russia, Sweden did not get serious until the 1960's.  The objective was to create a truly Marxist society where both men and women were measured and treated primarily as economic entities, as units of labour.  This meant that women needed to get out of the home and away from caring for children, and needed to be put to work in paid employment.  This, in turn, could only be accomplished by policies which deconstructed the family.  Angelo Codevilla takes up the story:
The centrepiece of the government's effort was to push and pull women out of the home into the labor market.  The push came from Sweden's steeply progressive income tax.
 By first permitting married couples to figure their tax bills separately and then mandating them to do it, the government made clear to every Swedish husband that by far the most efficient way to raise his standard of living was not to work harder himself but to send his wife to work. [Angelo Codevilla, The Character of Nations: How Politics Makes and Breaks Prosperity, Family, and Civility (New York: Basic Books, 1997), p.167f.]
But what work were the women to do?  It turns out they ended up in "government jobs"--predominantly in roles and occupations they had already been pursuing in their homes, but now they would get paid (by the State) and would perform their duties for other people's children, while "others" did the same for them.
The government also offered women jobs in large numbers in the growing public sector of education, welfare, health, and bureaucracy.  Seventy-five percent of public sector employees are now female, making Swedish bureaucracy--the day to day control of society--women's work.  [Ibid.]
But the private sector was also given (negative) incentives to provide jobs for women.
The government also subsidized jobs for women in the private sector, and in 1992 established quotas for female hirings in private companies.  Companies that fail to meet the quotas are fined by special labour courts.  So, recruitment of women is heavy.  Moreover, the state's schools and public services depict the few women who shun work as "parasites".  Thus, 91 percent  of Swedish women between 25 and 54 work, although over one-third o so less than thirty-five hours per week  [Ibid.]
But this assault upon the established order of human society, this attempt to shuffle off the chains of Biblical direction, was only just beginning.  The Swedes, like the Soviets, have been nothing if not thoroughgoing in their attempt to create the New Model Male and the New Model Female to achieve the New Model Human.  No stone was left unturned.

The next assault was a direct one, upon marriage itself.  We will take that up in Part II.

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