Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Nanny Bloomberg Unmasked

The Witch Who Eats Children

Nanny Bloomberg, when he was mayor of  New York, was always hectoring folk to make them healthy, wealthy and wise.  Nanny passed lots of laws banning things like sugar--all in the effort to prevent people from living in ways that Nanny did not approve.  "It was for their own good," he said, as he departed for fresh pastures and campaigns.

Most New Yorkers, who love the Nanny State, thought that Bloomie was an all-round good guy.  He cared, that's why he passed all these laws telling us when to eat and drink and what profile our noses should assume as we breath the no-longer-free air.  He loves us. 

Except that now Nanny Bloomberg's mask has been stripped off.  He is exposed as an evil witch who kills and eats children.  Eric Garner was choked to death by the New York police whilst being arrested.  For what was he arrested, you ask?  For breaking one of Nanny Bloomberg's laws.  He was selling cigarettes on the street, free of Bloomberg's onerous, prohibitive taxes.  He was a criminal, said the police.  He had a record.  He had been arrested previously 31 times.  For what?  Murder?  Rape? Theft?  No.  He had been arrested 31 times for selling "illegal" cigarettes.  For that he deserved to die. 
you will never see fascism like a liberal trying to collect taxes.

May we suggest that instead of a criminal, Mr Garner was--in some senses--a patriot.  Here is Douglas Wilson's take on the matter:

When Eric Garner was stopped by cops, he was being stopped by representatives of an officious and busy-pants nanny state, doing exactly what cops ought not to be doing. This is the same kind of thing that could have happened to someone being arrested for selling illegal Big Gulps.

I know why theft is against the law. Why is it against the law to sell cigarettes this way? When you multiply petty laws you are simply multiplying opportunities for contempt for the law to grow. And the more you multiply petty laws, the more the leeches in charge will feel like they have the right to “crack down on” those scofflaws who have managed to hang on to some of their own money.
And, here's Ann Coulter's:
This is a tax case. It was Bloomberg that insists on, We're going to deploy the police to collect taxes because they need to pay the pensions of their public sector union buddies. Bloomberg starts arresting all these people. . . . Everyone who has seen that tape of Eric Garner says, Oh, my gosh, they have five cops for untaxed cigarettes? . . . . (T)he Garner case is almost everything the left falsely said about Mike Brown (who was shot in Ferguson for attacking a police officer).  He really does seem to be a gentle giant. Oh, he had 31 arrests. Yes, they're all for selling untaxed cigarettes! Notice that the left wing -- you will never see fascism like a liberal trying to collect taxes!

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