Wednesday, 10 December 2014

From the Stranger Than Fiction Files

Ironic Self-Parody

If ever there were a group which act as if they want to live on another planet it is the Greens.  They are the most disconnected of folk when it comes to understanding or comprehending human beings, human history, human society, and human development.

In New Zealand we were recently treated to the hilariously ironic sight of hundreds of the little dears with heads literally in the sand. 

They were protesting the alleged inaction of New Zealand on climate change.  Their piece of beach theatre was supposed to parody our politicians.  It turned out to be the most delicious piece of unconscious self-parody we have seen in recent years.

The New Zealand Greens. Ostriches? Aliens from another planet?

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Anonymous said...

This could explain a lot..
Many many years ago as the first humans morphed into the first green movement to prevent fellow morphing humans from eating baby turtles.... they performed this strange head in the sand custom come dance...called looking for turtles dance.... the Greens..I believe... maybe.. also responsible for inventing the term "bottoms up"