Thursday, 26 January 2012

Mis-Applied Civil Rights

Panty Waist Liberals and Criminal Gangs

The case of the Turangi child rapist has sickened the nation.  There has been a plethora of reports in the media about how the 16 year old, who has plead guilty, is an ordinary fellow.  His friends expressed puzzlement, disbelief, and confusion over his actions.  His community network spoke of his family being fine, upstanding people.  We were all left wondering, What on earth has gone on here?

Now, more sinister matters are coming to light.  This from Stuff:

The teenager who raped a five-year-old girl in a Turangi holiday park has gang connections.

The Sunday Star-Times has been told the 16-year-old, who has pleaded guilty to the attack, was motivated by the possibility of securing entry into a gang.  Because of the suppression orders around the case, the gang cannot be named.

The Star-Times understands the teen's father had been associated with the gang, but not since the attack, which shocked New Zealand in the lead-up to Christmas. The boy's father cannot be named for legal reasons. The claims were made by several sources close to the investigation."The family and the boy are connected to a gang," one said. "The family is gang-associated. It's not just the father."

Another source said: "The family are well-recognised as being what they are ... rotten apples. Where are you heading in society when you have this underbelly?"
A couple of cautions.  Firstly, the Sunday Star-Times is hardly a fish-wrap of record and reports such as this should be treated with a dose of salt until reliably corroborated elsewhere.  Secondly, we note the report refers to "sources close to the investigation" and "another source".  None are named.  This hardly deserves credence until people are named and go on the record. 

We shall see.  In general, however, there is an aura of credibility about the story.  It is well known that gang recruitment most often requires a novitiate to commit a serious crime as part of his "entrance exam".  Whether or not gangs were involved in this case--something which will no doubt be corroborated in due course--it reminds us that there are vast criminal enterprises in New Zealand whose primary reason for existence is to prey on others and benefit financially from their crimes.  And for many gang membership is an attractive career option.

It's time to clean up.  We should never have allowed the civil right of  free association to be abused by liberals to the extent that it covers the right of criminal gangs to exist.  A serious respect for civil rights would lead a more enlightened society to conclude that if an organization were proven through due judicial process to exist for the purpose of committing crimes and preying upon other citizens, the organization needs to be outlawed and interdicted.  Just to belong, or be associated would then be a criminal offence. 

Oh, but then no doubt the UN would scold New Zealand as a pariah state. The shame and scorn would be just too much for our panty waist liberals who only see all of life through their insipid, one dimensional pinot-gris.

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