Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Whew. The UK Dodged a .50 Cal Round

Thank Goodness Boris Won

The victory of Boris Johnson and the Conservative party is a majestic accomplishment.  If it had turned into a defeat, or an emasculated victory, the costs would have been too dire to contemplate.  

Kiwi in America describes what was at stake:

Boris had to thread a very complex needle to get to the point where even a General Election was callable. Corbyn, assuming that Boris would petulantly defy Parliament and try and crash out without deal, said Labour would vote for a new election only if Boris came back with a new deal. With the Irish backstop the major intractable sticking point for May’s team, Boris proceeded in the shortest of time frames to negotiate a new deal that almost all major players agreed to (the EU, the Eurosceptics in his own party and crucially, the Republic of Ireland). Corbyn could no longer prevaricate and moderates in his party persuaded Labour’s front bench to allow a fresh election to be called.

Blocking the will of the people as expressed in a democratic vote is a fool’s errand. Leave won because Brits wanted their country back. Yes – fear of untrammeled immigration (best personified by the floodgates of new migrants entering Germany and other continental western European nations) was a potent factor but in reality, THE most potent issue behind the Brexit vote was the loss of sovereignty manifested by more and more court cases decided by the European Court of Justice and more and more legislation passed by the UK Parliament rubber stamping laws required to be passed by the EU Commission that was simultaneously unelected, unaccountable, bloated and corrupt.

Here was the cradle of democracy being told what to do, here was the great island nation that was first to tame the absolute power of the monarch, the first to pass the power of taxation to an elected representative body, the first to empower a neutral civil service to administer laws, the first to properly protect property rights, patents and enable the swift and enforceable transfer of assets through a relatively uncorrupt legal system slowly losing its sovereignty. Here was the mother of all Parliaments being emasculated by bureaucrats in Brussels.

Britain had fought and defeated the Spanish Armada, numerous French monarchs over the centuries, Napoleon twice and headed off Nazi Germany when all of Europe fell to Hitler’s advances, but was seeing its once vaunted fishing industry decimated by edicts from Strasbourg. And when Britain’s very own legislators became a party to this democracy destroying travesty, when the opportunity came to put an end to this chicanery of thwarting the will of the people, people were happy to back Boris in his effort to Get Brexit Done because he not only was one of the most public faces of the original Brexit referendum campaign but he resigned his position as No. 2 in May’s Cabinet as her Foreign Secretary and risked being ousted by voters as the shortest serving Prime Minister by submitting his plan for Brexit to the will of the people.
The author identifies other critical issues and concerns which helped deliver the keys of the kingdom to Boris Johnson.  The whole piece is well worth a read. 

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