Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Selective Morality

Hypocritical Prejudice

The dust is not settled in Australia.  Some folk have taken bitter umbrage at the confidential settlement reached by Israel Folau and Rugby Australia.  One of the more prominent, outspoken critics is ex-Rugby player, Peter FitzSimons.  He remains incensed that anyone would be allowed to hold, let alone practice, Christian beliefs and doctrines in the twenty-first century.

Here is FitzSimons in full flight:
As one who has followed the issues closely since Folau first disgraced himself by putting up a post endorsing the view that gays are destined for hell, and who has written and ranted about it extensively, I am more aware than most of the damage he has done, the hurt he has caused. In the 21st century, his homophobic gibberish—you heard me—simply has no place. And it is no excuse that the gibberish in question is sourced from the Bible. I was hoping the court would confirm that, hence the dissatisfaction.
Homophobic gibberish, eh.   It is sad to see a once great rugby player sneering at the beliefs of others.  It is sad indeed to see such sexist gibberish dribbling forth over the play ground.  FitzSimons should know better.  Well, he does know better, but we all love and energetically protect our own prejudices, don't we Peter.

FitzSimons, you see, is a grade A hypocrite.
  He lives to defend the interests of rugby in Australia.  But it turns out his version of rugby is sexist to the core.  He celebrates the idea that 30 men would be caught up playing a game that reflects ancient prejudices.  Where are the women, where is the female representation in FitzSimon's rugby?  Well, they do have female rugby teams.  But they do not allow female rugby players to play in the male rugby team.  Why?  Brute, ignorant prejudice--that's why.  Appeals to sexist gibberish are used to keep females from playing in the men's version of rugby.  And the same sexist gibberish is used to keep males from playing in all female rugby games. 

Ah, hypocrisy--thou art a jewel. 

Until you clean your own game up, Mr FitzSimons your protestations, sarcasm and gibberish have no place in the modern twenty-first century.   Give me Israel Folau's version any day.  At least he is not speaking out of both sides of his mouth.   

We await the grand pronouncement, which is doubtless forthcoming:
My name is Peter FitzSimons and I have become woke.  I now understand that the only permissible version of  rugby is to make all teams gender neutral.  Every rugby team from this point on must consist of eight males and seven females, or the reverse (as decided by a coin-toss).  I apologize for my former sexist gibberish.  

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