Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Male Convicts Transferring to Female Prisons

Institutional Idiocy

As a nation New Zealand is rapidly turning into a sandwich well short of a picnic.  How deformed, dumb, and brain-washed might we become?  The signs indicate that stupidity and folly are militantly on the march. 

If a man is arrested and convicted of a crime, he has a choice as to which prison he will be incarcerated within.  He can be locked up in an all-male prison, or, if fancy take him, he can be locked up into a woman's prison.  It's all a matter of personal choice.  Around 40 such men have "identified" as female.  Six are serving time in three female prisons. 
About 30 to 40 of the 10,000-odd current New Zealand prisoners identify as transgender, Corrections said. Or those, six are serving time in the country's three women's prisons: Christchurch Women's Prison, Arohata Prison and Auckland Region Women's Corrections Facility, she said. [Stuff]
The transgender mob allege that if a male "self-identifying" as a female and he subsequently gets locked up in a male prison, a breach of human rights has occurred.

Transgender activists say it is discriminatory for transgender prison inmates to find themselves in a prison matching their biological background, rather than their chosen gender.
Opponents, however, have a different view:
Opponents fear defining transgender women (biological males who identify as female) as female will erode protections for women. Self-declaration means any male can be female, they say.
We now have the situation where a female offender has complained that a male offender masquerading as a woman has ended up in a female prison and subsequently has engaged in criminal behaviour:
A woman who spent several weeks in the prison this year while on remand for breaching bail is among those who made allegations against the inmate.  The former prisoner, who Stuff cannot name for legal reasons, alleges the transgender inmate distributed restricted medication such as methadone around the prison, and bullied other prisoners.
"She's distributing those to other inmates in a somewhat very clever fashion by swallowing a tampon and attaching the cotton to her tooth, drinking the methadone, which swells up the tampon, and then when she's returned to the wing she removes the swollen tampon, squeezes it out and sells it to other inmates," the prisoner, who has theft and retail fraud allegations, alleged.
The complainant has also alleged the male prisoner sexually assaulted at least one female prisoner. 

How did this situation come to pass?  It all stems from the idiocy of the authorities rushing to comply with any male prisoner who declares he identifies as female, and promptly transferring that prisoner from a male prison to a female prison. 

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