Friday, 7 June 2019

Nothing To See Here. Move Along.

When Hot and Cold Are the Same

New Zealand has enjoyed a very balmy autumn.  It was a delight to walk in warm sunshine presented through clear, blue skies.  Some were beginning to argue, if this is "Climate Change" or "Global Warming" bring it on! 

The climate change hucksters are always careful about their language.  If things get cold, really cold, unseasonably cold then we are experiencing Climate Change.  But when things get warm, unseasonably warm we are experiencing an affliction known as Global Warming.  Of course those who are more trained in formal argument, if Climate Change and Global Warming were to mean the same thing, then the propositions and arguments prognosticating and predicting Climate Change and/or Global Warming are worthless. 

Nevertheless, the charade continues because it is "marketing" which is the important "thing".  And every student of Marketing 101 is taught that perception is reality.
  If one is able to create the perception of  truth it's near enough, since Climate Change is, well, anything that is new and different and whatever weather is in play today, there can be found times and periods where things were different.  Ergo, Climate Change is happening and its real. 

So for a few months, New Zealand saw real-life evidence of Global Warming.  Now, however, we are confronted with raging, cold conditions--and we are still right because Climate Change is Global Warming--and vice versa.  The perception makes it all real. 

Here is what is coming down the pike--
New Zealand only gets a brief respite of settled weather before another storm system slams into the country next week, bringing monster waves, gale-force winds and heavy rain.  "If you thought the winter blast this long weekend was the main feature, think again," WeatherWatch says.  "A large stormy low will deepen and cross the country next week bringing rain, snow, gales and yes - another windy change."

The low starts off by approaching the North Island on Tuesday, bringing rain to the West Coat and strengthening northerlies for northern New Zealand.  "By Wednesday this large low will cross the country bringing heavy snow into the South Island, blustery to gale-force winds in some parts of both islands (but also large areas of calm around the centre of this big low) and a burst of rain and showers, with possible isolated thunderstorms," WeatherWatch warns.

"At the same time cold southerly air feeds in making for heavy snow through the ranges and higher elevation areas. Snow levels may be lower than this weekend, with current data suggesting 150 to 200m above sea level. This is one to watch." 

As the low departs on Thursday the freezing and blustery flow behind it will be made even worse by the huge high over eastern Australia.  "This will make for a very windy and colder Thursday, Friday and next Saturday across many parts of New Zealand due to this 'squash zone' of air pressure," WeatherWatch says.  [Newshub]
This is Global Warming, folks--otherwise known as Climate Change.  Now, if we are to believe in Climate Change, we may well be looking at centuries to come of inescapable cold or unbearable heat.  Climate Change means nothing is predictable with any confidence.  But in the world of marketing, there is nothing at all awry with the proposition that Global Warming is and ever will be the same thing as Climate Change, which may well actually turn out to be centuries of freezing cold. 

If that makes sense to you, we know of a few bridges you may like to buy.  Cash transactions, of course.

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