Friday, 3 August 2018

Our Culture of Identity Politics

Identifying As An Afflicted Dairy Cow

Here is an observation on political correctness in schools, penned by Allan Peachey.  It speaks for itself.
The politics of political correctness are playing too big a role in our schools.  Single-issue activists seem to have an influence well beyond either the merit of their ideas or the level of support for them.  Now we have gay marriage masquerading as civil union, legalised prostitution and willingness to make claims of "sexism" or "racism" without apply reasoned argument to support them.

It is ironic that these activists--who promote sweeping social change--are arguing for tolerance, yet they are not tolerant of people who hold more orthodox or traditional views.  We are seeing political correctness made into law and there is a politically correct, sanctioned intolerance being built into our education system.  [Allan Peachey, What's Up With Our Schools?  A New Zealand Principal Speaks Out (Auckland: Random House, 2005),  p.80.]
Fifteen years later, little has changed, except things have got worse.  One of these days we expect someone will make an Official Information Act request of the Ministry of Education, asking it to divulge how many abortions schools have procured for their students without parental knowledge or consent over the past fifteen years.  We fear that the number would shock us all--although it will take a sledgehammer to crack through the wall of stony silence, the OIA notwithstanding.

The activists and extremists are on a mission.  Woe betide any who would resist the Revolution.

With a restlessness born out of a gnawing lust for autonomous self-realization, the Cause has moved on.  Now the cause du jour is gender-bending.  Once again, government schools are at the forefront of promoting and protecting the process and practices accompanying an artificial change of gender.  Insisting that schools support and protect such human destruction is called creating a "safe emotional environment" for students.  We can't wait for the day a student pronounces that they identify as a dairy cow afflicted with mycoplasma bovis.  And why not?  By what standard might that claim be challenged or prohibited?  Especially when it comes to the euthanasia of such animals.

Fast forward to 2025.  It will not be deemed strange, we suspect, for a school support team to surround the bedside of an androgynous student who has identified as a diseased dairy cow, and in unity and solidarity and out of emotional support for the humanoid dairy cow, the student and staff attendants will sing softly as the terminal poison is administered.

Mum and Dad will get a note in their respective e-mails.

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