Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Holding To the Faith "Once For All Delivered to the Saints"

Scottish Infidelity Versus Fidelity 

The acceptance of sexual sin in the Scottish Episcopal Church is causing ructions and schism.  It is part of many such excisions taking place around the world within Anglicanism.
One of the largest churches in Edinburgh has voted to split from the Scottish Episcopal Church amid tensions over its decision to become the first Anglican body in the UK to endorse gay marriage.  St Thomas’ is the latest evangelical parish to quit the official Anglican church in Scotland and back a rival splinter movement in reaction to the vote supporting gay marriage in June last year.

A number of other churches have either left or are considering leaving in the wake of the decision to change the Scottish Episcopal Church's (SEC) definition of marriage as being between one man and one woman.  [The Telegraph]
This development is consistent with similar moves around the world.
  The Episcopal Church in the US has split over the official toleration and recognition of sexual sin, let alone gender transmogrification.  Similar ructions are occurring throughout Africa and Australia.

Throughout history, it has pleased God to use such ructions to function as a winnowing fork.  The chaff is eventually blown away and the purity of the Gospel shines forth more clearly and powerfully.  It is how God makes the Church of His Son more faithful and true.
 The church's decision to permit gay marriage has put it at odds with the majority of Anglicans around the world. Last October sanctions were imposed on the Scottish Episcopal Church by leaders of the global Anglican Communion, restricting Scottish bishops from representing the group at interfaith meetings and from voting on decisions about policy or teaching.
The Global Anglican Communion has taken a much stronger, more faithful position against the tolerance of sexual sin and gender transmogrification.  May it long continue to be the case. 

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